Without electricity, on the Gral. Artigas Bridge, the registration of travelers is done with a pen in a notebook…

Under Article 155 of the Regulations of the House of Representatives, the Frente Amplio deputy Cecilia Bottino presented a written statement to the President of the House, Sebastián Andújar, to be sent to SINAE and the Ministries of Defense, Foreign Affairs, Interior, Economy and Finance, Industry and Mining and through it, to UTE.

The exhibition rises after having received proposals from citizens of Paysandú pointing out the inconveniences caused by the power outage on the General Artigas bridge that connects the capital of Sanduca with the city of Colón in the Province of Entre Ríos.

Bottino points out that last year, the workers had already warned about this situation and the issue was not considered. The information was provided by the Integrated Control Area (ACI) to the Border Commission in 2022.

“Once again we have to see how we do not act with foresight on issues that could be solved with management and some resource assigned preventively to avoid reaching this critical situation,” says the legislator.

He refers to the seriousness of the fact that both the arrivals and departures of people were recorded with a pen in a notebook, “without any type of control of the travelers, their records, putting our country at risk with income from dangerous people who may be required for complex crimes such as being drug traffickers, human trafficking, among others.”

In addition to the setback it means in the working conditions of the workers, it manifests the waiting times for tourists or those people who had to cross the bridge for various reasons.

The legislator indicates that she was informed that “the Argentine Migration control software was damaged, with the future risk due to this situation.”

CARU and the Free Shop yes…ACI no

He mentions that CARU uses a generator set like the Free Shop that works at the head of the bridge, but the one that does not have is the Integrated Control Area.

According to unofficial information, CARU proposed establishing a connection line through a cable, from its headquarters to the ACI, but UTE does not authorize said installation.
To try to solve the issue, CARU sent ACI a power generator that was in Fray Bentos and that has breaks.

To make it work, you have to buy some parts and send it in for repair, and “we don’t know how long it will take to be available for use,” says Bottino.

Nobody takes charge”

On June 28 there is a scheduled outage and the generating equipment has not yet been fixed, which will once again put our country at risk,” said the deputy.

The responsibility lies with the Ministries of Defense, Foreign Affairs, Interior and Economy and Finance. Bottino emphasizes that “it is one more lack of coordination, as we are getting used to here, there is a national and international security issue, the ACI coordination does not work and the Emergency System is conspicuous by its absence, as in other urgencies and emergencies”. He concludes by stating “we understand that the purchase of a generator is not too costly to put the country at risk in this way, so we request that urgent measures be taken to resolve this issue and safeguard the inhabitants of both countries.”

Secretary of the deputy Cecilia Bottino

Without electricity, on the Gral. Artigas Bridge, the registration of travelers is done with a pen in a notebook...

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