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Venezuela regretted the ICC’s decision to continue the investigation into crimes in the country

The Foreign Ministry indicated that it will appeal the decision of the ICC to continue investigating alleged crimes in Venezuela and regretted that it is “instrumentalized” in a political way by several countries allied to the United States

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement on the afternoon of Tuesday, June 27, in which he regretted the decision of the Preliminary Questions Chamber I of the International Criminal Court (ICC) to continue the investigation process in the Venezuela I case, in which the alleged commission of crimes is being investigated against humanity in the country.

He announced that he will appeal this action before said Chamber and asserted that he will continue to use the Rome Statute and International Law “to defend the truth.”

In the text, the Foreign Ministry alleged that, since the ICC Prosecutor’s Office began the process in 2018, the administration of Nicolás Maduro has denounced at all times that there is an intention to “instrumentalize” criminal justice organizations with ” political purposes”, which in turn seek to achieve the objective of a change in government.

For this reason, he accused “national and international political operators”, allegedly promoted by the United States, of “upholding an accusation of alleged crimes against humanity that have never occurred, based on the deliberate manipulation of a small set of crimes against human rights.” humans who have been or are being investigated and sanctioned by the authorities of the Venezuelan Justice System.”

In his opinion, the fact that the ICC continues the process “distorts” its raison d’être and diminishes its credibility as an organ of justice despite the disposition and the information delivered.

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The Pre-Trial Chamber I authorized the Tuesday June 27 for the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court to continue its investigation into alleged crimes against humanity committed in Venezuela.

In their decision, published by the Chamber on the ICC website, the judges recounted the situation known as Venezuela I, the actions of prosecutor Karim Khan and the resources used by the Nicolás Maduro administration to delay the investigation.

They pointed out that the Venezuelan State barely investigates less than half of the cases that could be considered crimes against humanity. The cases are also not sufficiently supported when it comes to identifying the criminal activities committed by those indicated and, in some situations, they are barely referred to as human rights violations despite specific crimes identified as torture.

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