With the campaign ‘Data that makes it grow’, the clients of Banco W also help to empower children in situations of vulnerability

Thanks to the updating of customer data, during 2021 the financial entity has supported 6 foundations in Colombia in their commitment to entrepreneurship at an early age.

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Although it may seem like a small task, updating the data with Banco W is a great contribution to help the educational growth of hundreds of children in Colombia who are in situations of vulnerability, abandonment or poverty, thanks to the campaign: “ Data that makes growth ”led by the financial institution.

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This is a data update campaign that seeks new mechanisms to validate, update and complete the information of Banco W customers, but with a social background, since the campaign that has been on the air since 2018, has as its main purpose to continue supporting different foundations that help young people to get ahead so that they can have a better future.

The initiative includes offering educational opportunities to children through workshops and trainings that teach participants how entrepreneurship works, as well as providing them with practical skills on entrepreneurial culture with Fundadiv.

In addition, to provide an economic contribution of 3 million in articles and materials so that they can implement strategies that allow them to continue building a better quality of life in childhood.

“At Banco W we believe that the future of Colombia begins with children and through this campaign we have committed to providing them with the tools and resources necessary for their development, as well as teaching them to be entrepreneurs. The bank’s commitment is not only to offer financial products, but also to change people’s lives”They reported from the entity.

By updating your data you contribute to children

In fact, due to the data update this year in the months of May, June and July the Bank W supported foundations:

  • Lives with purposes (Riohacha)
  • Cultural and social foundation a song for life (Miranda, Cauca)
  • Imix Foundation (Ibagué)
  • Heroes and Brave Foundation (Bucaramanga)
  • Alcanzar Therapeutic Support Foundation (Cali)
  • Teach us to believe Foundation (Cartagena)

It should be noted that, “the campaign was disseminated on social networks, web portal and text message. Clients were invited to update their data and with this, support the 6 foundations ”, they explained from the entity.

The Data That Makes You Grow campaign is a great example of how supporting children can lead to long-term success and prosperity. Also an innovative way to make your customers feel more comfortable.

With this initiative, the bank seeks to reinforce its commitment to the country and continue supporting young people who are transforming their lives through entrepreneurship.”, They concluded from the entity.

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