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With STF decision, former Rio police secretary leaves jail

The former secretary of the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro, delegate Allan Turnowski, left the jail, this Friday (30), benefited by a decision of Minister Nunes Marques, of the Federal Supreme Court (STF). He had been arrested on September 9, accused connection with the animal game. .With STF decision, former Rio police secretary leaves jail

In the decision, Nunes Marques considered that the preventive detention did not have grounds that specifically pointed to Turnowski’s role in the criminal organization. The delegate is a candidate for federal deputy by the PL.

“Such the factual context, in relation to the patient, is weakened the concrete gravity of the crime imputed to him, that is, to integrate – personally – a criminal organization, which excludes, in kind, especially after the course of more than one year of the last evidentiary elements collected in the investigation, the real need for precautionary detention (to guarantee public order, for the convenience of criminal investigation or to ensure the application of criminal law), so that its decree lacks suitable grounds,” he wrote. Nunes Marques.

The minister granted habeas corpusbut imposed alternative measures, such as a ban on Turnowski from attending police offices in the state, a ban on having contact with the other accused and a ban on leaving the country, with the delivery of a passport.

The defense of the former secretary of Police was sought, through lawyer Daniel Bialski, and released a note, stating that the client “did not commit any wrongdoing, regardless of the sphere of investigation and, he never had any involvement with people linked to the animal game or to organized crime”.

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