With shouts of “Freedom” and “Long live human rights”: Caimanera is on the street

Mexico City- Mexico.- The town of Caimanera in Guantánamo has gone out to demonstrate in the streets. With shouts of “Homeland and life”, “Freedom” and “Long live human rights” hundreds of Guantanamo people have launched to claim their rights.

A local source, contacted by CubaNet, confirmed that the protests began around seven at night and up to the time of writing this note they were continuing.

“First three men came out and began to demonstrate on Carretera street between José Martí and Correo, and the people joined them. We walked around Caimanera until we reached the park and passed the Party headquarters, where no one came out because they are with the police. We think that by analyzing what they are going to do”, a local source explained to CubaNet.

The trigger for the protest, he indicated, is the lack of food and the precarious conditions of the health system.

“After the five pounds of rice for the month are gone, we are eating bread with sugar. They are starving us while they live well. We go to the hospitals and they treat us with holy cane because there are no medicines either,” said the Cuban.

in one of The videos that have come out of the demonstration, the people are heard shouting that they are hungry and that they do not believe in the excuse of the blockade. There is also a man who tells how he took his little son to the hospital and there was not even what was necessary to suture his wound.

Our source confirmed that the Black Berets arrived in Caimanera, which is why they are expected to suppress the protest. CubaNet abruptly lost contact with the locals. Which could indicate that they cut off Internet access, as the regime usually does in protest settings.

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with cries of "freedom"hundreds of Cubans launch to protest in Caimanera, Guantánamo

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