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With overweight

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With overweight

Since we were children we are used to humiliating and insulting people who are different from the rest, either because they are thinner or fatter, darker or because they have something that is not pleasant to see, hear or feel around us. Now it has a name in English: bullying.

We must understand that although these aesthetic differences exist, we are all the same inside and this part can work well or badly according to the care taken by the owner of each organism. We know more and more about what causes overweight and its high cost in terms of health. In the US alone, more than 170 billion dollars are spent on cases of this type.

Strong health effects

I imagine that obesity should not be easy because of what it means to move a heavy body from one place to another but also because of the harmful effects on health such as having high blood pressure and various risks such as;

  • High LDL cholesterol, low HDL cholesterol, or high triglyceride levels (dyslipidemia)
  • Type 2 diabetes.
  • Coronary heart disease.
  • Seizure or stroke.
  • Gallbladder disease.

I recently had to read an essay entitled “No, obesity is not a personal failure”

Julia Belluz develops a work where he exposes the results of a meeting of professionals who treat obesity. A select group of the world’s leading obesity researchers gathered recently in the gilded rooms of the Royal Society, the scientific society in which Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin were members and where ideas such as gravity and gravity were once debated. evolution.

No definitive conclusion

Now scientists were arguing over the causes of obesity, which affects more than 40 percent of American adults and costs the health system about $173 billion a year. In the closing session of the meeting, the biologist John Speakman offered this conclusion on the subject: “There is no consensus on what is the cause.”

Being fat is a disease that can be cured, controlled or changed simply by living in a healthy way; eating just enough and moving the body, whether it’s just walking, swimming, pedaling and cleaning or ordering any space we inhabit and make us sweat or increase our heart rate without necessarily injuring ourselves or hurting a part of our “body” the same as being obese or it does not work well each time it is used always premeditated with good purposes for us. The quality of the food, issues of a psychological nature, some genetics and a lot of social intolerance are among the issues that were debated in the US and on which no single determinant factor was concluded.

The three-day meeting was suffused with an implicit understanding of what obesity is not: personal failure.

One that we sometimes want to blame on marketing, society and even genetics, since there is a conclusion that says that “the energy balance of a person can be influenced by up to 40% by their genetic inheritance.”

individual responsibility

What was one of the points that those present agreed on was that the fault of being obese is one’s own.

Each specialist gave his point of view from his science to respond to this health problem that in the US

it affects more than 40 percent of American adults and costs the health care system about $173 billion.

A figure that goes hand in hand with the number of people affected by covid19, which unfortunately took a significant number of people in the world and perhaps most of them are overweight.

Biologist John Speakman offered this conclusion on the subject: “There is no consensus on what the cause is.”

Most professionals agree that one is fat because they continue to eat poorly and uncontrollably or live sedentarily.

The three-day meeting was suffused with an implicit understanding of what obesity is not: personal failure.

What is an invitation to the person who suffers from this uncomfortable condition, especially now in the Paraguayan summer that a few hours ago I noticed that it was ahead when I see a temperature indicator on the route that marked 47 degrees.

being fat in summer

According to the meteorological forecast, cooler days will not come for the future, but from 40 degrees we do not go down much, which means that it is important to be careful with what is consumed and done these days of the last month of the year and one in which the tereré season , “tere” or regional iced tea is present decorating social gatherings with thermoses and allegorical guampas to clubs, surnames or particular human groups that motivate their particular promotion wherever and whenever.

Some recommendations that have been insisted on in the meeting in order not to be or avoid gaining weight say;

  • Limit the consumption of foods that are high in sugars and fats. …
  • Eat several times a day fruit and vegetables, as well as legumes, whole grains and nuts.
  • Perform frequent physical activity: about 60 minutes a day for young people and 150 minutes a week for adults.

And above all, understand that one is fat or gains weight through one’s own fault, which means that the solution lies in oneself and not so much in “dietary” meals, hours in the gym, medications, surgeries or any solution that does not respond to scientific bases.

That they become popular due to the massive interest that they have achieved due to a particular success that could have been due to the change of mentality and daily routine towards their internal and external health.

Whatever the angle, being healthy should always be the objective of all, as we think, feel, practice, it must respond well above all to the owner of each life or to be oneself.-

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