With house arrest and national roots, four carabineros were charged with torture in San Pedro de la Paz

With house arrest and national roots, four carabineros were charged with torture in San Pedro de la Paz

The Guarantee Court of San Pedro de la Paz left the police officers Edmundo Alberto Muñoz Bastías (non-commissioned officer), Jaime Patricio Mora Zurita, subject to the precautionary measures of partial night house arrest, absolute prohibition of approaching the victim and national roots. (Corporal First), Matías Andrés Arévalo Cid (Corporal Second) and Eduardo Andrés Machuca Alarcón (Corporal Second), charged by the Public Ministry as authors of the consummated crime of aggravated torture. Illicit perpetrated in October 2019, in the commune.

According to the persecuting entity, on the night of October 21, 2019, the victim, Ignacio Israel Matus Carrasco, was participating in a peaceful protest on Las Torres Avenue with A Street, in the commune of San Pedro de la Paz. . In this context, shots were heard, so Carabineros personnel arrived at the scene and the demonstration dissolved, leaving Matus Carrasco behind because he could not move quickly as he was recovering from a fractured fibula and ankle in his right leg. Therefore, around 11:30 p.m., he was hit by a police vehicle, from which the four defendants got out, grabbed him by the neck, threw him to the ground and beat him with fists and service batons. After the beatings, they handcuffed him, put him in the back seat of the patrol car and informed him that he was being detained for the “crime of illegal possession of ammunition.” On the way to the Sixth Carabineros Police Station of the commune, the policemen continue to beat and insult Matus Carrasco, and at the same time they demanded that he give them the name of the author of the shots.

Upon arriving at the police unit, Matus Carrasco was beaten by other carabineros, including one who squeezed his neck until he fainted. Unconscious, the victim was dragged into the police station and, still on the ground, the defendant Muñoz Bastías proceeded to place a knee on his chest and punch him in the face. Aggression to which other unidentified officials joined. Beating that caused the victim to faint again and vomit.

After regaining consciousness, Matus Carrasco was transferred to an emergency service to verify injuries and, upon returning to the police unit, the accused Muñoz Bastías threatened to charge him with the crime of possession of ammunition. Threat that materialized, for which the victim was charged by the Public Ministry as the author of the consummated crime of carrying or possessing ammunition, opening a criminal case against him that kept him in preventive detention for more than five months and seven with house arrest. total, until the persecuting entity communicated, on December 14, 2021, the decision not to persevere in the investigation due to lack of evidence.

As a result of the blows, Ignacio Matus resulted in facial bruises, fractures and loosening of teeth; multiple bruises and ecchymoses on the head, face, neck, abdomen, and extremities; in addition to a picture of post-traumatic stress, according to a report from the Legal Medical Service.

At the formalization hearing, Judge Juan Esteban Muñoz Carrasco accepted the precautionary measures requested by the Public Ministry, with the agreement of the plaintiffs and the defense, considering them adequate and proportional to the purposes of the procedure. In addition, he set the investigation period at five months.

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