Duel of the titans in MasterChef: the celebrities who went to the elimination challenge

Duel of the titans in MasterChef: the celebrities who went to the elimination challenge

This time the famous returned to the masterchef kitchenafter carrying out a challenge in the field, and they had to face each other in pairs.
In this new episode, they had to pair up, but prepare a different dish for each pair.

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The challenge was that each one had to prepare a delicious dish with the ingredients that JJorge Rausch, Christopher Carpentier and Nicolás de Zubiríathe jurors of the program, chose them in the pantry.

At the beginning there were nine participants who were competing not to go to the elimination challenge. Nevertheless, Aco was very lucky and Claudia Bahamón got his name on a bag and was saved from cooking.

Therefore, those who were competing with their respected partner were: Ramiro Meneses and Tostao, Estiwar G and Chicho, Natalia Ramírez and Aida Morales, Isabella Santiago and Cristina Campuzano.

For their part, the first couple, Ramiro and Tostao, had tilapia Estiwar G and Chicho got it prawns. Natalia and Aida made a tilapia. Finally, Isabella and Cristina a Salmon.

Despite being in a challenge in pairs, sOnly one celebrity from each duo could be saved.

The jurors liked Ramiro’s dish better, so he was the one who went up to the balcony and Tostao went straight to the elimination challenge. However, Nicolás de Zubiría assured that the sauces were horrible.

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In the second pair, boy He was the one who was saved. Later Aida and finally Cristina were saved from elimination challenge

That is to say, between Tostao, Natalia, Isabella and Estiwar G there is the new eliminated from the competition that will be revealed tomorrow, April 24.

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