With HONOR, fashion and technology go hand in hand

When thinking about technology, it is very common to believe that it is a specialized and too technical area, contrary to what is generally thought when they talk about fashion design, since it lends itself to letting the imagination fly to make different creations. However, both branches can work hand in hand in order to create elegant and innovative products, as is the case with the HONOR 50 smartphone.

HONOR dares to go beyond the traditional, innovating with its design and colors such as: Glacier Crystal, Jade Green and the new HONOR Code. In addition, it was accompanied by a bag, the indigo “Maxi Keychain”, which was created by Cynthia Buttenklepper, designer and winner of the Who’s on Next Vogue Mexico 2018 Award, as well as founder of her homonymous brand.

The HONOR 50 inspires you to create in style

Much of the technology that exists these days is usually a source of inspiration for artists from plastic artists to textile designers to create unique pieces. This happened with the HONOR 50, which inspired Cynthia Buttenklepper to create the Maxi Keychain, the perfect accessory for this smartphone that gives it a unique touch.

Undoubtedly, the HONOR 50 is an excellent device that motivates you to create with style and is a clear example that technology is a great accomplice to talk about and show trends in fashion.

An exclusive collaboration

This Cynthia Buttenklepper collaboration brought a new member to the HONOR family: the HONOR 50 Maxi Keychain. This accessory stands out for its indigo blue color, premium materials, various textures, a double ring and a leather strap that makes the word HONOR visible, a trend used by high fashion houses in their iconic designs.

A key point that led to the creation of the Maxi Keychain was the balance between the classic and the contemporary. In fact, the two central rings are inspired by the dual camera of the HONOR 50, which in turn pays homage to the lenses of the SLR cameras of the 50s, a classic that is reborn!

The network that the Maxi Keychain has represents how technology today unites us so easily and reminds us that the HONOR 50 connects people and is capable of capturing the most precious moments, so that you can save them as your best memories.

This Maxi Keychain is designed as a minimalist accessory with subtle elements that make it a current piece, but one that transcends trends, replicating straight and clean lines that make it a timeless and always fashionable piece.

“We are happy that Cynthia Buttenklepper joins the HONOR family, her collaboration is now registered for the prosperity of the brand. We decided to work together, since the minimalist style that Cynthia gives to each of her pieces is in line with the elegant design that

we seek to print on each of our products,” said Ana Sofía Peterson, Communications Manager for HONOR Mexico.

A move towards technological haute couture

On the other hand, to further celebrate the launch of the smartphone, HONOR and WGSN, the world’s leading authority on consumer and design trends, unveiled the new design trends sweeping the smartphone industry, which have to do with with monograms and technological haute couture.

Notable among these trends is that consumers are rewriting the mantra of how they want to live their lives. In fact, WGSN calls this change “everyday extravagance,” in which there is a growing desire to escape the ordinary and seek captivating moments that lift, heighten, and rekindle optimism for the future.

The authority revealed that monogrammed looks, as seen on the HONOR Code and Maxi Keychain, are here to stay as consumers are embracing new ways to express their style and elevate their fashion identities through bold looks. that go beyond the traditional.

In light of the growing demand for monograms and the resurgence of trendsetters proudly sporting brand logos in a nod to ’90s nostalgia, the HONOR 50 has been designed in a range of stunning colors and runway-inspired options, including the HONOR Code, an innovative color scheme that incorporates the “HONOR” logo on the back, allowing consumers to accessorize their outfits with a stylish monogram design.

Motivated by these moments, HONOR offers three resplendent colors on the HONOR 50, which also go beyond the traditional ones:

● Glacier Crystal: Inspired by snow crystals, creating a dreamy finish that resembles the brilliance of diamonds and shimmers from different angles.

● Jade Green: reflects the tone of summer with a touch of freshness.

● HONOR Code: Is the innovation and heritage of craftsmanship behind the HONOR series. It incorporates the word “HONOR”, breaking down the five letters and rebuilding them to create a sequence that conveys an energetic and vibrant effect, coupled with a classic and timeless monogram design. Just as luxury brands do in their most representative collections.

All these colors of HONOR 50 are already available in Panama in the main operators and stores in the country.

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