With Beatriz, there is finally a course

With Beatriz, there is finally a course

With Beatriz’s incursion into the presidential race, a glimmer of hope comes to what seemed like an opposition completely devoid of leadership, lacking figures and cadres that would give it a project, direction and viability in Mexican society.

In this column we have been very critical of the current opposition, and in particular of the allies PAN, PRI and PRD. Not only because of the low level of their party leaders, but because of their lack of understanding of why society turned its back on them, and their real problems.

Beatriz is the profile that can break the vicious circle of the opposition. She knows and understands, like very few political figures, the complex social environment of the country; and she has always had a sincere desire to improve that reality, unlike the current president, who seeks to perpetuate it.

If Beatriz has always shown pride in something, it is her original roots. Her clothing has never been a passing fashion, nor a strategy of reflectors. It is, in my opinion, a kind of sincere tribute to those origins, to those millions of invisible and forgotten Mexicans.

Talking with Beatriz about Mexico is getting closer to knowing her reality. It is beginning to understand the causes of so many problems in the country. It is understanding the sources of anger and resentment of many Mexicans, today shepherded from the Palace. It is accepting that for too long we have failed them.

Knowing Beatriz, her historical political struggles and deeply social agendas are recognized: fundamental rights, peasants, indigenous people, women, and in general all those for whom social mobility has been a truncated dream.

But his strengths go far beyond social awareness. Beatriz is one of the politicians, women and men who has had the most achievements throughout her career. A career that few have achieved, and that has opened a gap for many in Mexico.

Today it is said that it is time for women in politics. But for Beatriz, like some others of her generation, the time of women was her time. Tireless fighters who opened spaces, with their quality, efforts and determination. The current high levels of political participation cannot be understood without the precedents that Beatriz and many marked.

In a world of men, Beatriz made her way. From the age of 21 she became a local deputy of Tlaxcala and president of the Local Congress. A few years later, she became the first female governor; and second in the history of the country.

She has one of the most important legislative careers: 4 times federal deputy, twice president of the Congress of the Union; and twice senator, a position she currently holds. She in addition to various parliamentary positions in the international arena.



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