With a colorful parade, Tarija begins its celebrations

With a colorful parade, Tarija begins its celebrations

Jorge Quispe / La Paz

With a colorful school civic parade, Tarija yesterday began the celebrations for the 205 years of the Battle of La Tablada and the departmental anniversary of April 15. Authorities expect the presence of President Luis Arce for tomorrow.

Dozens of schoolchildren from the different educational units wore the typical clothing of the Andalusian capital and others were dressed in the uniforms of the soldiers who fought in the War of Independence in 1817. The parade was in the center.

Mayor Johnny Torres participated in the parade and recalled “the sacrifice of the Tarija heroes who made freedom possible.”

Governor Óscar Montes also highlighted the struggle of the guerrillas. The president was on Tuesday the 12th at the inauguration of the new ENDE Transmission building.

Torres and Montes are opponents of the political line of the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS), to which Arce belongs.

During the honor session in the Departmental Legislative Assembly of Tarija, Montes pointed out that the region received many royalties, but regretted that the investments have not been up to par. Outside the assembly, former workers criticized Torres for closing the Departmental Highway Service.

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