Christ is the way to know the truth in Colombia: Monsignor Rueda

Christ is the way to know the truth in Colombia: Monsignor Rueda

In it Message of the Church to Colombians in the sermon of the seven words Monsignor Luis José Rueda He said that in the midst of difficulties, Colombians must seek the path of truth as Christ did.

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Monsignor Rueda said from the primatial cathedral of Bogotá, “we are telling our Colombian families right now, Christ is the way (…) When they were in court, the tall one asks him that you are a king and he says yes, you have said it, but I am the king who has come to fulfill the word of the father, whoever listens to my voice is of the truth.“.

He added, Monsignor Rueda “let us ask God to lead Colombia and the world along the path of truth, to lead us through respect for life, reconciliation and peace”

The seven word sermon was focused on the difficult times that the world and Colombia are going through

the Church called for non-violence and help for the homeless. She also invited the since the truth of all the mistakes made is always known.

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The pilgrims also expressed their desire for peace and reconciliation, who made massive presence in the cathedral and around the Plaza de Bolívar

The tourist attendance both national and external countries was a note of the celebration of the sermon of the seven words in the cathedral of Bogotá.

Once the ceremony was over, a procession from the Cathedral by seventh career in the midst of massive attendance towards the Veracruz church.

The Presidential Guard battalion and the police They accompanied the religious celebration for the seventh race.

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