With 5,710 cases, malaria has registered a greater increase in cases so far in 2022

The Ministry of Health, through the Department of Epidemiology, issued the most recent report on cases of monkeypox, Hantavirus, malaria, Leishmaniasis, Zika and chikungunya in the country.

The report highlighted that to date, three (3) new cases of monkeypox have been registered, totaling 59 accumulated cases in the country, of which 37 are active cases broken down as follows: 29 cases in home isolation and 8 cases in isolation in health facilities. While 22 cases have completed their isolation, without major setbacks.

They also noted that so far in 2022, 53 cases of hantavirus disease have been registered, of which 30 cases have been classified as Hantavirus Cardiopulmonary Syndrome and 23 as hantavirus fever.

The Minsa indicated that of the 30 confirmed cases, 27 overcame the disease and three deaths were registered, all due to Hantavirus Cardiopulmonary Syndrome.

Also the 23 cases of Hantavirus Fever have overcome the disease.

The report stressed that the province of Los Santos has the highest rate of confirmed cases; They are followed with confirmed cases by the health regions of Herrera and Coclé.

They also detailed that 5,710 cases of malaria have been confirmed to date, being the Guna Yala region; Darién and Panama East, the health regions where the most cases have been confirmed so far this year.

According to the epidemiological report, 1,156 cases of Leishmaniasis have been confirmed, with the regions of Bocas del Toro, Panama Oeste, the Ngäbe Buglé and Colón region having the highest incidence.

Regarding the Zika cases, the epidemiological report highlighted that there are four (4) cases registered so far this year, with three (3) alive and (1) death that occurred in Veraguas; Guna Yala with one (1) and Chiriquí with two (2) confirmed cases, are the two regions with registered cases.

And the confirmed cases with Chikungunya are two (2) confirmed cases, one (1) in the metropolitan region and one (1) in San Miguelito.

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