Congressmen denounce a coup d'état by President Castillo in Peru

Congressmen denounce a coup d’état by President Castillo in Peru

(EFE) Legislators from different benches of the Peruvian Congress denounced this Wednesday that President Pedro Castillo carried out a coup by announcing that he is dictating the dissolution of Parliament and the formation of an “emergency government” in the country.

“This decision configures a coup d’état and moves away from all constitutional frameworks,” declared leftist legislator Ruth Luque, whose group has habitually supported Castillo’s stay in power.

The parliamentarian added that the president’s decision “is clearly a 1992-style coup,” referring to the “self-coup” carried out in 1992 by then-president Alberto Fujimori (1990-2000), who also dissolved Congress.

Luque remarked that “it is a government that does not represent the constitutional frameworks” and wants to “impose a regime of exception.”

Right-wing congressman José Cueto, from the ultra-conservative Popular Renewal party and former commander of the Armed Forces, stated that “of course it is a coup” and that the Armed Forces “support Congress.”

«Of course it is a coup, (Castillo) was trembling, he knew that he was going to be vacated (removed) and he has gone ahead. I hope that the Armed Forces will pronounce themselves against the coup d’état, he cannot shut down Congress”, he emphasized.

The Fujimorista Martha Moyano agreed that it is a coup d’état and although she asked to remain “calm”, she said that one should “raise one’s voice, say things as they are”.

Right-wing parliamentarian Norma Yarrow assured that Castillo “is alone in his office” and called on Vice President Dina Boluarte to attend Congress and assume the head of state to “not allow this criminal Pedro Castillo to attack democracy.”

The representatives of different benches assured that Congress will meet in plenary session in the next few minutes to dismiss Castillo and asked for the support of the Armed Forces for democracy in the country.

Pedro Castillo dictated this Wednesday to temporarily dissolve Congress and establish a national emergency government, hours before Parliament debated a vacancy motion (removal) against him that could have removed him from the head of state.

“The following measures are issued: Temporarily dissolve the Congress of the Republic and establish an exceptional emergency government,” Castillo said in a message to the nation that was not previously announced by his communications team or on his social networks and that was not published. can be located in the pages of the Presidency.

With an evident tremor in his hands, he announced that he also dictates “to call in the shortest term elections for a new Congress with constituent powers to elaborate a new Constitution in a period not exceeding 9 months.”

He also ordered a nationwide curfew as of this Wednesday from 10:00 p.m. local time and that “the reorganization of the judicial system, the Judiciary, the Public Ministry, the National Board of Justice (JNJ) and the Constitutional Court (TC),” he added.

The legislators also pointed out that tranquility remains in the country and that there is no movement by the Armed Forces, for which they considered that the ruler would soon “be sent to prison.”

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