Wit Studio, decade of happiness

Founded on June 1, 2012 by a creative team from the Production IG company, at first – recalls its mastermind George Wada – it was little more than nothing: five people working in a room without windows.

Until his first project, Shingeki no Kyojin (2013), came to light, and a revolution began that continues today: 10 years in which Wit Studio has broken down the walls of the industry time and time again to dazzle us with proposals of all kinds and for all tastes.

What do they seek? A dark comedy about demons? Watch Hozuki no Reitetsu (2014).

A fantasy full of romance in the style of Beauty and the Beast, but with a steampunk aesthetic? There you have Mahotsukai no Yome (2017) A historical drama set in the Viking invasions? Definitely, Vinland Saga (2019) is the one.

A science fiction about the man-machine conflict with musical overtones? Must see Vivy: Fluorite Eye’sSong (2021). Game of Thrones in fairy tale version? So you can’t miss Ousama ranking.

Yes, apparently, there is no genre that can resist Wit Studio. And what is most surprising, he almost always assumes it with very high doses of quality and success.

Not surprisingly, when asked for the recipe, Wada lists three golden rules.

The first, that they always carefully choose their projects so that none of them is a minor or discreet work. The second, that all the members of your staff feel comfortable with what they do. And the third, that the final product is not affected by interests unrelated to the artistic plane, which is why in none of its series will you find filler episodes or “chewing gum effect” that take the audience away from what really matters: telling a story. without fissures.

In this way, the company has managed to become synonymous with excellence and the team at its headquarters in Musashino continues to grow. One solid project is the Spy X Family series and another is the Bubble movie, which Netflix will air exclusively on April 28, even before it hits theaters.

Nothing, that with such a cast you don’t even need a synopsis for anime lovers to be in luck. Almost, almost, like it was our birthday.

After all, a decade later, Wit Studio promises to keep making us happy.

(Taken from Orb)

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