Willie Bermúdez: ‘The mayor presented a budget without explanation and maintaining a Seafood Market without consultation’

In the session of Tuesday, August 02, the mayor of the capital, José Luis Fábrega, managed to get the Municipal Council of Panama to approve an agreement so that the projects that were to be developed in 2022, continue their execution in 2023, as part of the investment budget with funds from decentralization.

It is a list of more than 70 projects, among which is the questioned seafood market, which has been the subject of several lawsuits. In fact, according to the municipal agreement approved this Tuesday, only that project has an allocation of $25.8 million for 2023. For this year, $17.2 million had been allocated, but the tender was declared void, after two reception acts were held of proposals without receiving offers from proposing companies.

During the session, the only two mayors who rejected the agreement were Guillermo “Willie” Bermúdez and Ricardo Domínguez, from Don Bosco and Bella Vista, respectively.

Bermúdez argued that, with this agreement, the investment budget for the 2023 projects was approved for Fábrega, without this document being previously analyzed by the Finance Commission of the Municipal Council of Panama.

The representative of Don Bosco, expressed this Wednesday that the mayor presented the budget without any transparency, since there was no prior debate or in-depth explanation of these amounts.

“Two weeks before this, there were two meetings of the Finance Commission and officials from the Mayor’s Office such as Treasury, Budget and Decentralization were invited and none of them attended,” he declared.

Despite the legal actions, the lack of proponents and citizen rejection, Mayor Fábrega included the construction of the new Seafood Market on his list of projects to be developed in 2023.

According to Bermúdez, this is a project without consultation, which has a ruling by the Supreme Court of Justice. “I don’t understand why he is still stubborn about it. I don’t understand who is advising the mayor, who is the human resource behind him to advise him,” he said.

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