Willie Bermúdez asks to know if direct hiring on Christmas lighting was really canceled

The representative of Don Bosco, Willie Bermúdez has harshly criticized the increase in the budget of the Mayor of Panama for fiscal 2022, considering it the highest budget in the capital city in recent years.

In addition to this, the mayor referred to the direct contract for the amount of $ 2.5 million in favor of the company Disaroca Group, SA, to be in charge of the Christmas lighting of the city in 2021, which was canceled by the mayor of the capital, José Luis Fabrega.

When asked about the Christmas lighting that is being placed in the Vía Argentina area, after learning this information, he explained: “It catches my attention, and I am waiting for what will happen. This is an issue that must be followed carefully because this contract was direct ”.

He added that the lighting contract in the capital district was reached a Municipal Agreement, it was approved and “a week and a half later when the resolution and the decree of the Comptroller’s Office came out that said that nothing that had to do with the purchase of hams or the purchase of gifts or toys or lighting, at that time they sent to cancel the bidding act on November 1 ”.

According to Bermúdez, the company (Disaroca Group, SA) has not stopped executing this and they (the councilors) are seeing it. “I am the first, and I am happy that the Christmas lighting is done because we need hope, that the Panamanian feel happy, however, there are two things that I must criticize: the first, why didn’t they bid on time and the second: you are executing a contract that you have not been hired, there is no contract as such, I have never seen a project of this magnitude with a circular 19, which is called that, which is like an exception ”, he explained.

He stated that he would like to understand what justification they will give now and if this lighting contract was really canceled.

It should be noted that Fábrega, in a municipal resolution of November 1, explained that the National Economic Council (CENA) issued some observations on the “exceptional procedure” contract.

The Mayor’s Office of Panama made the corresponding revisions mentioned by CENA and considered that improvements in form and substance were merited.

Disaroca Group had to do the Christmas lighting in the main parks, avenues, streets and islets for the celebration of “Live your Christmas 2021”.

According to the Mayor’s Office, the selected company “is solid” and was established in 2015, dedicated to art, entertainment and creativity activities.

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