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William Gil: AN has passed 51 laws in this legislative period

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William Gil AN ha sancionado un total de 51 leyes, en este periodo legislativo

The president of the Permanent Commission of Administration and Services of the National Assembly (AN), deputy William Gil, highlighted that, in this legislature period, the parliament sanctioned a total of 51 laws.

During the program Al Aire, broadcast by Venezolana de Televisión, the deputy confirmed that “a significant effort has been made from the National Assembly; a set of laws that we have been approving”, reaching, until this August 15, a total of 51 laws sanctioned.

Gil added that these regulations have been important and forceful laws for the country; such as the Law of Special Economic Zones and the reform of the Organic Law of the Supreme Court of Justice, mentioned the parliamentarian.

Similarly, he explained that as of August 16, the parliamentary recess begins, which will last until December of this year.

On the other hand, after the impact on the El Junquito substation, product of an atmospheric discharge, which affected part of the National Electric System (SEN) in the Capital Region (South-East), La Guaira and Miranda, Gil asserted that the SEN , “is not exempt from suffering some damage for natural reasons”, but in the face of breakdowns that arise, the national government will provide the pertinent solutions to guarantee the service to the Venezuelan people.

Regarding the articulation that the AN makes with the results obtained from the National Congress of Public Services, the parliamentarian explained that, thanks to these work sessions, the technical tables for water and services resurfaced, which facilitates the organization in the communities, and that the 256 brigade can accompany the Venezuelans in solving problems in public services.

“The deputies of the 256 brigade have dedicated ourselves, in each of the visits to the communities, to explaining to our people how the VenApp application, created by President Nicolás Maduro, is managed, which allows us to unify efforts at all levels of government. , with direct results for the benefit of the population”, concluded Gil.


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