Children's Day boosts the sale of toys, clothing and technology

Children’s Day boosts the sale of toys, clothing and technology

It is estimated that the price of toys increased by 45% compared to 2021. (Photo 123RF)

Toys, clothing and technology are the items with the highest sales prospects for the next Children’s Day, with an average ticket of around $5,000, according to estimates by merchants and analysts consulted by Télam.

Since the consultancy Focus Market carried out a survey throughout the country that showed that for Children’s Day 26% of respondents plan to give away toys; 14%, clothing, 11%, computers; 9%, cell phones; another 9%, educational books; and 8% sporting goods, among others.

“This day is expected by merchants because it is aimed at items that later only have sales potential in volume at Christmas or the Three Kings,” he said. Damian DiPacedirector of the consulting firm Focus Market.

He pointed out that “the items that have the most weight within the preferences of Argentines have had year-on-year increases of more than 100%, as in the case of clothing and footwear”, with which “the purchasing power of Argentines has lost compared to the majority of the products sold on this date”.

According to this study, the projection of average spending per gift is $5,500 for this date. DiPace added that “The Now 12 and Now 18 plans are the order of the day,” and recalled that its use grew “in July 170% and 210% year-on-year, respectively.”

For its part, Alexander Caffaro, of the company that distributes and imports toys Vulcanitewith a national presence, said that this year “sales are expected to be the same as 2021”, while assuring that “we have good expectations for this date this year, it has been selling well”.

He explained that there are toys from $400 and up and that the average ticket is $5,000. Regarding last year, he said that “domestic products increased by an average of 50%, while imported ones are around 40%, a number well below inflation.

The president of the Argentine Chamber of the Toy Industry (CAIJ), Emmanuel Poletto, said that “the last few seasons were good for the sector, but this year inflation was impacting purchasing power.”

“70% of transactions are being made with a credit card when they exceed $2,000 and increasingly cheaper toys are sold,” said Poletto, from the Argentine Chamber of the Toy Industry.

He estimated “an average ticket of $1,700 per toy,” adding: “We hope to keep the units sold, with the average ticket falling.”

Toys are the most chosen gift for Children's Day
Toys are the most chosen gift for Children’s Day.

He pointed out that toys increased “an average of 45% compared to Children’s Day last yearconsiderably less than inflation because raw materials only with the dollar began to increase in recent weeks, but the factories had already delivered the orders to the toy stores”.

He detailed that “there are prices for all budgets, starting at $700 in educational toys”and highlighted that “the category of board games continues to be very relevant starting at $2,000, as well as the traditional games of interlocking, open air, wheeled, tricycles and skateboards, which continue to sell very well with Now 12”.

Poletto argued that the date “It is an opportunity for the national toy, because the imported one is much more expensive”, and advocated that “this week, with the promotions, people end up shopping” for next Sunday.

Meanwhile, from accounting -comprehensive online billing and management system for companies and entrepreneurs- indicated that the average ticket for online sales registered an increase of 81.7% compared to last year and the billing volume in the week prior to Children’s Day grew 67.6%.

While last year it was $5,134.65; In 2022, the average expenditure made by users to purchase products to give to children was $9,328.44.

“Among the most demanded categories to give away on Children’s Day, electronics, technology, toys, clothing and footwear stand out. The most requested products were: headphones, tablets, slippers, booties, T-shirts, and toys in general”, said Leandro Halfon, CEO of Contabilium.

According to the Contabilium study, the average ticket for digital sales reflected a growth of 81.7% compared to 2021.

Regarding omnichannel sales, which consider the sum of online sales and physical stores, the Contabilium report revealed that the turnover volume registered a growth in 2022 of 110% compared to 2021.

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