Will there be a ‘pico y placa’ for motorcycles in Bogotá? mobility ruled

Will there be a 'pico y placa' for motorcycles in Bogotá? mobility ruled

The Mobility Secretariat of Bogotá recently announced the modification of the scheme of private vehicle restriction as of January 10, 2023. Likewise, the end of the shared car measure and the increase in the rate of the pico and solidarity plate.

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In contrast, Ómar Oróstegui, director of Urban Futures, considers that “It is necessary for the administration to explain the technical reasons why motorcycles still do not apply the ‘peak and plate’ measure“, he pointed.

For her part, Deyanira Ávila, Mobility Secretary, spoke about whether the measure will be extended to motorcycles. The official pointed out that for now No measure is contemplated to restrict the mobility of motorcycles.

(With the cars) we have a cargo capacity in each vehicle of 5 passengers, the motorcycles only have two and they are effectively carrying their capacity“said Ávila. The official explained that they seek to optimize the use of space.

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“That is why we favor sustainable mobility, walking, the use of bicycles, which is so important in Bogotá, and obviously the use of public transport,” added the Secretary of Mobility.

For now they are working on measures for private vehicles.


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