Why the labor reform would affect the employment of home workers

Why the labor reform would affect the employment of home workers

After knowing the current text of the labor reform, Alianza In, the applications guildwarned about “the risk of destruction of more than 80,000 jobs for people who operate as delivery drivers through digital platforms”.

José Daniel López, Executive Director of Alianza Inpointed out that this reform must innovate and provide opportunities on a large scale, without committing irresponsibility.
Here the dilemma is not between lack of protection and social protection; Yes, the more than 120,000 householders who work in Colombia can be protected without risking their income. This economic sector fulfills an important social function (for various population groups) and is committed and ready to fight back and improve the formalization and protection of delivery drivers”, he commented.

(Labor reform would put at risk 80 thousand jobs with applications).

Likewise, it revealed the proposals that were made to the National Government and that were not taken into account in the document filed before the Legislature. Initiatives include, for example, pay the affiliation to labor risks of distributors who earn more than the equivalent of a minimum wage. PGet an insurance package that covers accidents and health, among others, mandatory for distributors who earn less than the equivalent of a minimum wage. And finally, have a concurrence between workers and companies to pay health and pension.

The executive director of Alianza In added that the Government’s proposal seeks to implement forced labor, which would mean that the companies that manage the platforms would have to hire all the delivery people, with subordination, hours and fixed incomeending the main and most effective source of work, which allows determination of time.

“SAn atomic bomb is placed on an industry that produces self-employment on a large scale. If I become unemployed today, I can work tomorrow as a delivery person. But if the labor reform is approved as it comes, I would have to send a resume and wait to see if they call me”, he commented.

(The concerns that health workers have about the reform).

Finally, José Daniel López pointed out that the most affected companies would be local and medium-sized platforms.

There are more than 75,000 partner businesses, with 2.5 million users and more than 7 million monthly orders. This entire ecosystem would be severely affected. I invite the Government and Congress to reflect and study the issue, we could commit an unprecedented labor massacre”, concluded the union representative.

More challenges for the tech sector

But this has not been the only challenge that the application sector has been facing.

Recently the eye of the hurricane was on the mobility platforms, after a draft bill from the Superintendence of Transportation was released.

(‘Businessmen should have greater respect for workers’: CUT).

After the controversy, the ICT Ministry, headed by Sandra Urrutiapointed out that the country should generate “a legal framework that harmonizes what happens in real life with the new needs of digital transformationhe”.

Colombia must guarantee technological neutrality. We cannot ignore the role of technology in the lives of citizens through quality services that give users confidence”, commented the ICT minister.

(The labor reform, new proof of support for Petro in Congresseither).

For his part, andhe Minister of Transport, Guillermo kingyesaffirmed that spaces for dialogue would be opened so that all “parties” involved can reach a consensus in order to “defend the rights of Colombians to choose how to mobilize”.


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