Why is Father's Day celebrated in Bolivia on March 19?

Why is Father’s Day celebrated in Bolivia on March 19?

March 19 in Bolivia is reserved to celebrate parents. It is a date established in the Bolivian calendar and recognized by the state. In fact, this Friday the Ministry of Labor issued a statement noting that this Saturday, March 19, they will enjoy a half-day of labor tolerance.

“This is a fair tribute to all dads, they will have a shorter working day,” said the General Director of Labor, Yecid Mollinedo, in a press release.

But, why does Bolivia celebrate parents on this day? It is necessary to refer to May 24, 1974, when Hugo Banzer Suárez served as president and ordered, through a supreme decree, that March 19 be to honor the role of parents in the family nucleus and in the development of the country.

This tribute was inspired by ‘San José, husband of the Virgin Mary’, who is a central character of the Catholic faith. The Catholic Church celebrates Saint Joseph on March 19.

And in honor of Jesus’ foster father, whose trade -according to the Bible- was carpentry, also in our country, on March 19, is celebrated Carpenter’s Day.

This date also coincides with Day of the Worker in Radio and Television.

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