Why doesn't the El Alto terminal, inaugurated on Saturday, work?

Why doesn’t the El Alto terminal, inaugurated on Saturday, work?

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The Metropolitan Terminal of the city of El Alto was inaugurated on March 5 with a “wajta” and a lavish festival in the Bolívar D area; however, three days after that event, its facilities look empty and the departure point for the buses continues to be the streets of Villa Bolívar “A”, very close to La Ceja.

Some of those responsible for the transport companies indicate that due to the lack of an instruction that informs them about the transfer to the new terminal, they continue to maintain the sale of tickets in that place.

“We have no communication, they did not tell us anything and that is why we continue to operate here, I think that this week we will be here again, they have told us that, but we do not have instructions on when we are going to operate there,” said an official from one of the transport companies to Red Uno.

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Faced with this position, the mayor of El Alto, Eva Copa, summoned the interdepartmental transport operators to execute her transfer. If it doesn’t materialize, she warned her with the use of law enforcement to enforce that provision.

The Alteña terminal is considered one of the most modern in the country and has the capacity to accommodate 72 ticket offices. In addition, 300 vehicles can be parked and there is a space for bus maintenance.

The new infrastructure is located five minutes from the Ceja de El Alto and very close to the purple cable car station.

In the new terminal there are spaces for a micro market, a food court, a temporary hotel, a viewpoint and spaces for the sale of handicrafts. It also highlights that the construction has a heliport.

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