Whoever violates the law erodes democracy, warns the INE

Whoever violates the law erodes democracy, warns the INE

▲ Legislators Malú Michel, Olga Sánchez Cordero, Mónica Fernández Balboa and Cecilia Sánchez, during a recess in the Senate.Darkroom Photo

Jessica Xanthomilla

Newspaper La Jornada
Friday, March 18, 2022, p. 7

The systematic violation of the rules that is taking place in the propaganda related to the revocation of the mandate leads us to remember that in electoral competition whoever violates the law erodes the foundations of democratic coexistence, violates the political arrangement on which democracy is based and, consequently, not only cheats, (but) commits fraud against laws and scares voters away from the pollsasserted the president counselor of the National Electoral Institute (INE), Lorenzo Córdova.

In the signing of an agreement with the Network of Educational and Cultural Radio and Television Broadcasters of Mexico, on civic culture and citizen participation, which took place approximately one hour after the Senate approved the decree interpreting the electoral legislation on of government propaganda, so that public officials can express opinions and comments during the ban for the mandate revocation process, Córdova once again called on political actors to respect the lawSpecially to those who are systematically violating the applicable rules of the game.

At the INE, he assured, We do not want polarization and intolerance to continue to spread throughout the country, nor to those who, through tricks and lies, intend to deceive the population and the authorities.. Previously, in the keynote address Democracy and mechanisms of citizen participation, given by the specialist Yanina Welp, the president counselor denied that the INE does not promote the revocation of the mandate as they have indicated who from very diverse trenches unfortunately bet that this process fails.

The barrage of discredit and misinformation by those who allegedly promote the revocation of the mandateit puts him at risk, he said.

However, Córdova acknowledged that not a good design normative that of revocation of mandate. He considered that Despite the fact that it was nourished by the guidelines that we made, it was made without thinking about many of the implications, perhaps due to the carelessness of the Legislative Power that issued it 454 days after the limit that had been given. Now, he maintained, the majority that endorsed this constitutional reform and approved the law is trying, halfway through the party, to introduce a change of interpretation.

It’s absurd, he mentioned, that in an exercise of revocation of mandate the opposition, the parties, cannot pronounce themselves in any sense nor the subject to said revocation, in this case the President of the Republic cannot defend himself, but that was not established by the INE as a rule, put the legislators who just today complain about it.

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