“Whoever has the capricious position is the president of the Party”

“Whoever has the capricious position is the president of the Party”

The governor of Cordillera and candidate for the Presidency, Hugo Fleitas, stated for Radio Ñanduti that “whoever has the capricious position is the president of the Party” referring to the statements of former senator Miguel Abdón Saguier, who questioned the candidates for the Presidency who seek to include more members to the Electoral Tribunal.

“The one who closes himself, manifests himself and in some way transmits that he has a capricious position is the president of the Party. We, who are with a project that we are going to compete in December, only ask for the logical participation that one should have in a space like the Electoral Court that will be organizing and judging the internal elections of the Coalition, “he said.

Abdón Saguier argued that several people who intend to run for the Presidency of the Republic do not read the National Constitution or the Electoral Code referring to the request of some pre-candidates to include more than five members in the Electoral Court of the Coalition. “In several cases it is a personal whim,” he said.

“I don’t know what code Saguier is referring to because the Coalition may have its own regulations and nothing prevents the Electoral Court of the Coalition from having 7 members. It seems to me that those who are having a capricious and closed position is the sector that is supporting the candidacy of the Party’s president,” Fleitas asserted.

Likewise, he declared that he cannot be representing the Party in these months, because that is hindering and slowing down the final formation of the Coalition, because he is going as a pre-candidate and logically he has his own interests.

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