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Who is Ximena Pinto and why is she denouncing Prime Minister Aníbal Torres?

Congress summons Aníbal Torres and Ximena Pinto for alleged targeting of state advertising

The communicator’s complaint Ximena Pinto to the President of the Council of Ministers, Hannibal Torreshas increased mistrust between the Government of Pedro Castillo and the Peruvian press and, therefore, has further deteriorated their relations. Pinto claims to have felt pressure from of the 79-year-old lawyer and professor regarding state advertising, for which Torres responded by stating that the Announcements about the state should be prioritized in state media.

The denunciation of the communicator Ximena Pinto has shaken the foundations of the Government. Photo: composition/The Republic.

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Learn more about the trajectory of this communicator, who has withdrawn from the presidency of the Council of Ministers making serious complaints against the management of the Castillo Terrones administration in its relationship with journalists.

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Who is Ximena Pinto?

According to her Linkedin profile, Ximena Miroslava Pinto La Fuente has a degree in Communication Sciences from the San Ignacio de Loyola University. She took a master’s degree in Public Management at the UPC between June 2020 and December 2021, in addition to having extensive experience in the Peruvian State in positions such as head of the Press and Protocol Office of the Ministry of Defense, advisor to the Sunafil office, Head of the Communications Office of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, as well as Secretary of Communications of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the last position she has held.

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Why does Ximena Pinto denounce Prime Minister Aníbal Torres?

According to Pinto La Fuente, the prime minister directed state advertising, harming mainly the media outlets of Grupo El Comercio. In her testimony given in the Transport and Communications Commission, the social communicator has assured that Torres “was pushing her to break the law” excluding certain media.

“He is a person who puts his interests before citizenship. He said “zero” to this group (El Comercio), they are sold, they attack us, they don’t have to receive anything,” said the former state official.

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