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Who is Dennis, the nephew of Ricky Martin who accuses him of domestic violence

Ricky Martin, The National
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Since last week, Ricky Martin’s family has been going through difficult times, after it became known that the Puerto Rican singer was accused of domestic violence. This was revealed by the Puerto Rico police, which processes a protection order against the artist under Law 54, which precisely protects victims of domestic violence.

The person accusing Ricky Martin of domestic violence and stalking is his 21-year-old nephew. His name is Dennis Sánchez Martin and he is the son of Vanesa Martin, the artist’s sister.

According to what they say from the singer’s environment, Dennis assures that he had a consensual relationship with Ricky Martin and that it ended two months ago.

The young man assures that the singer did not take the break in the best way and that he began to prowl his house. This allegedly made Dennis “fear” and therefore he denounced Ricky Martin, who would also be calling him “constantly” after their relationship.

Days ago, the pop artist echoed the information and assured that these are “completely false” allegations. He made it clear in a statement that he made public, and through which he clarified that he will not make “particular expressions”, since there is an ongoing investigation involving him.

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