Who are the people most likely to be extorted

Criminals capture their victims with information that they post on social networks.

The extortion is a crime that during the covid pandemic gained strength, because it is linked to the use of social media.

The criminals They use the information that citizens place on the internet in order to send intimidating messages in order to get money. To scare their victim, they mention things that are in their networks; for example, what is your spouse’s name, what does he/she do for a living, and other details.

The Anti-kidnapping and Extortion Unit (Unase) is in charge of investigating these crimes which are mainly aimed at doctors, lawyers, vendors and entrepreneurs and artists.

And it is that this group of people usually promote their services through social networks, which makes it easier to have their contacts and personal details.

The last mode with which extort to people is with calls or messages from people who identify with criminal gangs, such as the Choneros. This also gained strength after the prison massacres where the names of these criminal groups took center stage.

The State Attorney General’s Office has detailed that before one of these messages, it is best to contact the National Cybercrime Unit of the Police, through the number 1800-Crime. (AVV)

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