Whites and colorados postpone discussion of house arrest for people over 65 to 2022

Whites and colorados postpone discussion of house arrest for people over 65 to 2022


The legislators of the multi-colored coalition have decided to postpone until next year the discussion on the Cabildo Abierto bill that would grant the benefit of house arrest for people over 65 years of age, which would even include dozens of repressors and torturers of the dictatorship. Uruguayan military civic (1973-1985).

As published by the portal of Faces and masks, coalitionist legislators prefer to discuss it next year despite the fact that it has been discussed in the Constitutional commission for weeks and has received dozens of representatives of human rights organizations, high-caliber jurists and other referents who reject that rights violators humans finish their sentences in the comfort of their homes.

Everything indicates that the initiative would benefit these individuals, prosecuted for crimes against humanity during the dictatorship, since these types of actions are not among the exceptions. In addition, although Cabildo Abierto assures that they want to drain the prison overcrowding, it would only benefit about 1% of the inmates, that is, about 100 inmates.

“We were interested in solving this issue as soon as possible, because it has already been studied, collected opinions for and against, and we believe that the parties should take a position,” Lobby Senator Guillermo Domenech told the press, adding: “Obviously , we do not share this delay; We believed that the issue was ripe and that it deserved the support of this coalition ”.

From the nationalist bench, Senator Jorge Gandini said that “the conditions are not in place to approve” the bill and that they will receive new delegations next year, when discussions are resumed.

Repressors to the house?

If the bill in question is approved, there are 26 repressors and violators of human rights who would benefit, being about 25% of the total number of people affected by the legislation.

These are:

  • Rodolfo Gregorio Álvarez (nephew of Gregorio Goyo Álvarez), prosecuted since 2017 for deprivation of liberty, torture and other crimes.
  • Jorge Silveira Quesada, prosecuted for 28 homicide crimes since 2006.
  • José Sande Lima, Prosecuted with 28 crimes of very aggravated homicide since 2006. He was prosecuted by the Italian Justice to life imprisonment.
  • Ernesto Soca Prado, prosecuted for 28 crimes of homicide very especially aggravated in real reiteration since 2018. Convicted in Italy for participating in the Condor Plan in Argentina and Uruguay.
  • Ricardo Medina Blanco, prosecuted for 28 very aggravated homicide crimes since 2006.
  • José Puigvert, prosecuted for a crime of politically motivated murder since 2015.
  • Miguel Sofía, prosecuted for association to commit a crime and for being the co-author of a particularly aggravated homicide.
  • Lawrie Rodríguez, prosecuted for the murder of Iván Morales, an anarchist militant. He acknowledged having received in his home the repressor Gilberto Vázquez, who had escaped from the military hospital in 2006.
  • Leonardo Vidal, prosecuted for assassinating Nelson Berreta, a Tupamaro militant, from behind. Vidal had been defended by Defense Minister Javier García because he was only “following orders.”
  • George Charleta Gundelzoph, prosecuted for a continuing crime of abuse of authority against detainees and for unlawful deprivation of liberty. He was a member of the PCU but ended up being an informer who ended up participating in interrogations under torture of former communist colleagues.
  • Hugo Garciacelay, prosecuted along with Nelson Heber Coitinho for a crime of homicide especially aggravated by the murder of the communist militant Julián Basilicio López.
  • Mario Ramos, prosecuted for repeated crimes of abuse of authority as perpetrators since 2020, for participating in interrogations under torture.
  • Ayelmiro Pereira, prosecuted for three crimes of deprivation of liberty in concurrence outside the reiteration with four crimes of abuse of authority against detainees. He was trained in Washington, USA, and was an important collaborator with the Chilean dictator and genocidal Augusto Pinochet during his visit to Uruguay.
  • Eduardo Ferro, prosecuted for the disappearance of the communist activist Oscar Tassino.
  • Raúl Scioscia, prosecuted for unlawful deprivation of liberty and private violence against 30 detainees in the torture center known as ‘300 Carlos’, also known as the ‘Big Hell’.
  • Carlos Frachelle, prosecuted for deprivation of liberty and private violence against 30 detainees in the ‘300 Carlos’ and the 13th Infantry Battalion.
  • Mario Cola, prosecuted for repeated crimes of torture and deprivation of liberty in the ‘300 Carlos’.
  • Antranig Ohannessian, on trial for the murder of left-wing militant Gerardo Alter. He was also convicted of crimes of abuse of authority against detainees, deprivation of liberty, serious injuries, and violent indecent assault against 28 female politicians who denounced sexual abuse and torture.
  • Pedro Buzó, prosecuted along with Ohannessian for the murder of Alter.
  • Néstor Ramón Silvera, also prosecuted with Buzó and Ohannessian for murdering Alter.
  • Alberto Ballestrino, prosecuted for the torture and murder of the communist militant Óscar Fernández Mendieta, and for abuse of authority with detainees.
  • Gustavo Mieres, prosecuted with Ballestrino for the death of Fernández Mendieta.
  • Ariel Ubillos, prosecuted along with Lawrie Rodríguez for murdering the student Hugo Leonardo de los Santos Mendoza. He is also denounced by express policies for sexual abuse.
  • Enrique Uyterhoeven, prosecuted for committing torture, deprivation of liberty and causing serious injuries as an author in the La Tablada clandestine center against more than 10 political prisoners.
  • Charlie Chaja Chaine, prosecuted for committing repeated crimes of abuse of authority against the detainees and repeated crimes of serious injuries, in concurrence, apart from the reiteration with four crimes of deprivation of liberty as perpetrator, all of these against four PCU militants.
  • Armando Méndez, also prosecuted for the arrest, torture and murder of Alter.

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