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“While there are chances, you have to try,” says the ‘Tata’

As long as you have chances, you always have to try. Arabia (Saudi) needs to win and score goals (on the third day), so do we. Those of us who compete are used to getting up, although it will surely be difficult, ”he declared with a very serious gesture after the match at the Lusail stadium.

“We know that the chances are obviously difficult. We need a winner on the other side (Argentina-Poland) and if it is by several goals, better, that would help us, ”he pointed out.

Martino reaffirmed his confidence in the squad and in the attitude of their footballers to try to reach the round of 16 until the last moment.

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“Without any doubt, after what I saw in an hour of the game, of the dignity with which they faced a rival candidate (for the title), I have no doubt that we are going to try until we spend everything we have“, he asserted.

The ex-DT of the Paraguayan team highlighted the work of his team in the first hour of the game and regretted Lionel Messi’s goal in minute 64, which in his opinion changed everything.

We failed in something very small. In the first goal, in which three midfielders remained in the sector where Argentina was attacking. That allowed that goal from Messi, who is a player who in five minuteswe had already said it, it hurts you. In 30 seconds it can hurt you, ”she analyzed.

The ‘Tata’ considered that his team had known how to adapt to a new approach to deal with Argentina and He is also confident that he can make the necessary adjustments to beat Saudi Arabia extensively. in the last day.

“Today we played in a different way to other games and We will find the best way to face the game against Arabiahe promised.

The entrance “While there are chances, you have to try,” says the ‘Tata’ was first published on newspaper TODAY.

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