Which are the national universities that will ask for a health pass

Which are the national universities that will ask for a health pass

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Faced with the upcoming start of the school year and based on their management autonomy, national public universities are evaluating how to start classes in the context of a pandemic without there being a unanimous criterion regarding the eventual implementation of a health pass that minimizes the risks of coronavirus infections among its group of students, teachers and non-teachers.

So far, the National University of Rosario (UNR), the National University of La Matanza (Unlam), and two branches of the National Technological University (UTN) decided to implement health passes with a view to the start of the 2022 school year.

Regarding the issue, the Minister of Education, Jaime Perczyk, pointed out in recent days that the national government’s policy is to “guarantee full attendance and the right to vaccination” and indicated that the health pass is a decision made by only a few universities within the framework of their autonomy.

National University of Buenos Aires
Meanwhile, spokesmen for the National University of Buenos Aires (UBA) affirmed that They will accompany “the guidelines that the health authorities of the Nation and City of Buenos Aires have for the implementation of a health pass”, an eventual decision that they characterized as a “public health issue”.

At the UBA, the 2022 school year is scheduled to begin in mid-March. The course modality will depend on what each faculty decides.

“The university comes with a face-to-face presence that has been gradually increasing. Our goal for this first quarter is to achieve full face-to-face presence and take care whenever the health situation allows it,” said a UBA spokesperson consulted by Télam.

National University of Cordoba
Sources from the National University of Córdoba (UNC) explained to this agency that on Thursday of next week there will be a meeting in which members of the Superior Council, unions (teachers and non-teachers) and student representatives enrolled in the University Federation will participate ( FUC).

UNC spokesmen affirmed that “there is still no definition regarding the sanitary pass” and said that “next week they will begin to throw all the cards on the table to see what is resolved.”

National University of La Plata
Meanwhile, from the National University of La Plata they said that in this cycle they contemplate maintaining the 2021 health pass but there is still a formal definition in this regard since the special Commission made up of the cloisters, doctors and specialists -in charge of preparing a new protocol 2022- is waiting for what the health authorities determine”.

National University of La Matanza
Meanwhile, for admission to the National University of La Matanza (UNLM) “the complete vaccination schedule is requested, but there may be exceptions for medical issues that are evaluated on a case-by-case basis or for those who do not want to be vaccinated for other reasons, which also are evaluated.”

The certificate will be requested by that house of studies from all people and the vaccination schedule must be completed at least 14 days before admission.

National University of Rosario
The National University of Rosario (UNR) will also request the complete vaccination schedule from students, teachers and non-teaching staff of its 12 faculties and pre-university schools. The purpose: “guarantee safe presence” in the resumption of academic activities, it was officially reported.

The measure, announced by the rector Franco Bartolacci, will take effect on February 7 for the entire educational community.

National Technological University
The rector of the National Technological University (UTN), Rubén Soro, affirmed that on February 18 the Superior Council will decide the conditions for the dictation of face-to-face classes during this year, but he anticipated that personally he disagrees with demanding a pass healthcare to the members of the educational community.

“It is not that our university made the decision to request the health pass. We have a meeting with 30 deans of our faculties on February 14 and the plenary session of the highest body, which is the Superior Council, on February 18,” he clarified in statements to the press. and assured that at that meeting the protocol for “full” attendance will be defined.

And he indicated that the UTN “is different from other public management universities since it is in 30 locations in the country, in 12 different provinces with different realities” and that what was published in the last few hours has to do with the decision of two locations (Tucuman and Haedo).

From the National University of La Plata they said that in this cycle they contemplate maintaining the 2021 health pass
From the National University of La Plata they said that in this cycle they contemplate maintaining the 2021 health pass.

Télam also consulted spokespersons from other national universities, who pointed out the following:

• National University of the Northeast (UNNE): “It is a collective decision that has to arise from a consensus with the deans and other members of the university government.” The resolution would occur next week.

• University of Jujuy (UNJ): “In mid-February only measures will be taken.”

• National University of Patagonia San Juan Bosco (Unpsjb), from Chubut: “We try to implement an awareness campaign so that most of the university community has the complete vaccination at the time of starting activities.” Next Wednesday, deans and delegates will meet and on February 8, in turn, there will be a meeting with the National Interuniversity Council.

• National University of Whose (UNCuyo): “Despite the recess, there has been talk about the non-implementation of the health pass in the institution, but it will be a decision to be made in consultation with an epidemiological committee. (…) “The situation of the students who decided not to be vaccinated will depend on each academic unit. They will be the ones who will decide on the situation of the course modality”.

• National University of San Juan (UNSJ): “There is no decision regarding the health pass, nor on the issue of vaccination. (…) “Last year it was decided that the course would be bimodal. In this sense, it was planned for this year to continue in this way, but there is still no decision made in this regard.”

• National University of the Center of the Province of Buenos Aires (Unicen): “What we established in the last Superior Council, in December, is to work on an awareness and awareness campaign so that the university community is vaccinated or completes its vaccination schedule. Today we do not consider that the health pass is a necessary measure today. (…) The university is regional, with offices in four cities: Olavarría, Azul, Quequén and Tandil”.

“Each academic unit is going to establish its work plan, but as a common denominator we have decided to work with a tendency towards full attendance, supported by virtuality,” they explained.

• National University of General Sarmiento (UNSG): “In relation to the health pass, we do not plan to require or request the health pass. Of course, since last year we have been spreading the word on the university’s social networks that both students and teachers get vaccinated and on this occasion that complete their vaccination schedule. (…) Since March of last year we have had two vaccination centers in operation, one on the University campus in Malvinas Argentinas and another in the University’s cultural center in San Miguel.”

• National University of Mar del Plata (Unmdp): “We have not yet started educational administrative activities, this will only be on Tuesday, starting Tuesday we will consult with the deans and directors of each career to evaluate.”

• National University of Lomas de Zamora (UNLZ): “It was not established to require a health pass, yes, of course, from the faculties and the rectorates, the entire university community is urged to comply with the vaccination scheme. (…) Last year there was bimodality in the majority part of the faculties. As each faculty is managed independently, there were different decisions, but most were handled face-to-face and virtually. In all of them there were face-to-face exams, so there was a return to the classroom”.

• National University of San Martin (Unsam): “For now, we do not plan to require the health pass. We do encourage the community to get vaccinated. In those races that start face-to-face entry courses in February, the protocols of mandatory chinstrap, distancing from the teacher, classroom ventilation will be applied and cleaning of spaces. In February, when the Superior Council meets, these measures will be ratified or rectified.

• National University of Tres de Febrero (Untref): “We are going to promote that the entire university community be vaccinated but we cannot demand a health pass because we consider that it is something that exceeds its powers. One possibility is to require a sworn statement. In short, we will find a way for all the community is vaccinated but we will oblige. We will appeal to individual responsibility”.

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