Where will our deputies travel?

Where will our deputies travel?

The Chamber of Deputies awarded G. 330 million to the company Servi Travel SA In the course of Wednesday afternoon, the National Directorate of Public Procurement (DNCP), announced that the aforementioned firm was awarded for the tender called “Acquisition of Tickets Air” with the ID 404.480.

For this tender, offers began to be received on Monday, December 06, 2021 and it was carried out under the category “Tickets and Transportation”, due to the type of tender procedure.

The aforementioned institution awarded a single item; provision of international airfare for G. 330 million. Servi Travel’s legal representative is Gustavo Adolfo Diaz Cardozo. Two more companies came to the call: Inter-Express SA and Premier SRL


Gustavo Díaz Cardozo’s firm has won a total of 304 contracts with the State, including 11 contracts with the Chamber of Deputies from 2010 to date. The total value, added together, is G. 129,766 million (US$ 18.6 million).


Gustavo Ortiz Cardozo, president of the board of directors of Servi Travel, reported that the Chamber of Deputies had a budget of G. 1,600 million for air tickets before the pandemic. However, with the health emergency, that was greatly reduced.

“Due to the pandemic, all travel has been suspended. The G. 330 million will use it in this 2022. They are G. 33 million per month (US $ 4,715). With today’s skyrocketing airfare prices, that translates to 3-4 tickets to Europe. It is very little for the movement they had before, ”he said.

Ortiz Cardozo stated that legislators hardly ever attend more than two or three for a single event. “There were years in which five deputies left in a single event, but it is not the rule. With this budget it is reduced to just one per event”, he commented.

The trips are mainly for Mercosur.
When asked why they always win the tenders, he stated that the State is not a good payer. This is added to the fact that travel agencies are MSMEs that do not exceed 3 to 5 employees. So, in order to provide the State, two conditions are needed: human resources logistics and financial backing to withstand the delay in payments (of 90 to 120 days of delay in general).

“For example, Foreign Relations (MRE), asks you for tickets for G. 200 million per month. This same rhythm is maintained for two to three months. This is equivalent to G. 600 million. If we talk about 90 days that the payment is delayed, a financial back of G. 400 million is needed to be able to comply, ”he detailed.

The interviewee stated that, therefore, many companies do not have the conditions to supply the State.

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