Where do I go if I need to interrupt a pregnancy in Oaxaca?

Where do I go if I need to interrupt a pregnancy in Oaxaca?

Oaxaca, Oax. Since September 2019, abortion in Oaxaca it is legal until the 12th week of gestation, regardless of the reasons for the termination of pregnancy. The Penal Code of Oaxaca establishes that in addition, these services must be provided by public health institutions, free and safe, to all women and pregnant persons.

Although two years have passed since these reforms to local laws were approved, guidelines and schemes have not yet been incorporated and integrated to perform these services. The capital of Oaxaca is the only town where you can exercise this right completely free of charge and safely.

However, thanks to the efforts of collectives and organizations, there are alternatives for all women in Oaxaca who wish to terminate their pregnancies but who encounter multiple barriers.

In Oaxaca capital

The city of Oaxaca has two public health units where it is possible to request medical services for the termination of pregnancy:

  • General Hospital Dr. Aurelio Valdivieso (Calle Porfirio Díaz 407, Colonia Reforma, CP. 68000)
  • Women’s Clinic (Carretera Cristobal Colón 214A, Colonia Santa Rosa 1a. Section, CP. 68274)

In these units of the Ministry of Health, services, medical supplies and support are free and led by health professionals. Despite this, according to the testimonies captured from some women members of feminist groups, these units only have the capacity to carry out the termination of pregnancy until the 10th week of gestation, which is when it can be carried out only with medication.

The capital also has private clinics such as Marie Stops (Calle Emiliano Zapata 519, Colonia Reforma, CP. 68050). In this unit, users can request financial support to receive pregnancy termination services at a discount. In this clinic, procedures with medications or surgical intervention can be performed depending on the conditions of the patient.

At home, with accompaniment

The most common alternative, and also safe if performed in an informed manner and with monitoring and accompaniment, is home abortion with pills. Misoprostol and Mifepristone are the drugs accepted by the WHO (World Health Organization) as safe methods for the termination of pregnancy.

In Mexico, these drugs are available over the counter and can be found at any pharmacy, even generic ones. The use of these drugs for abortion is contemplated in the reforms to the local law, so they do not constitute any legal risk.

Health authorities recommend knowing the doses, times and routes of administration, as well as the expected effects and possible complications of using these drugs to interrupt a pregnancy. The Oaxaca Congress published this brochure that details the procedure:

The Oaxaca Councilors

It is a collective that informs and guides women and accompanies them in their processes since 2008. For people who reside in communities far from the city of Oaxaca and who do not have the possibility of traveling or obtaining medicines, the alternative is to contact the women advisers who are members of the collective.

In addition to delivering the pills to the users, the group provides information and support during the process and subsequent follow-up. Information on contraception and sexually transmitted diseases can also be requested.

The contact of the collective is:

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