Suyen Barahona: "I haven't been able to hear my son's laugh for a year"

“When will I be able to talk to my mother?”, the uncertainty of Suyen Barahona’s son

César Dubois, husband of the political prisoner Suyen Barahona, points out that the forced separation between the president of the Renovating Democratic Union (Unamos) and her five-year-old son has been “extremely difficult” to cope with, because the minor frequently questions the absence of his mother and asks to see her.

“Where is my mom? Why hasn’t my mom come? Why doesn’t my mom contact me? When are we going to call my mom? When will I be able to talk to her? Why does so much time go by and she doesn’t come? the little boy asks his father. He has accumulated more than 15 months without having contact with her.

In interview with the In Touch program, Article 66, Dubois commented that “the other day (my son) told me: “Look dad, I have a lot of patience and I have had a lot of patience but my mom still hasn’t come”. So, it’s difficult, I really sympathize with all the other fathers and mothers who have children of political prisoners because it really is a terrible situation.”

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«There are times when you can see the sadness in his eyes, there are times when he feels very fragile and again at that time as a father what you have to do is hug him, give him lots of kisses and try to focus on other issues, of course he returns and then you are in that fight every day, “he lamented.

Relatives ask Ortega to allow a Suyen Barahona to speak with her son. PHOTO: TWITTER

Likewise, he stressed that “as a parent, you seek all possible strategies to protect your child and make this bad moment more bearable, if with a lot of love, with a lot of accompaniment, we have been supporting him, trying to explain things, trying not to have a greater impact on their childhood.

They deny any type of communication

On June 13, 2021, it was the last time the little boy saw his mother. At that time, the Police arrested Suyen Barahona in his house, and since that day the Ortega regime has denied them any type of communication.

During these 15 months, the authorities of “El Nuevo Chipote” prevented the child’s letters and drawings from being delivered to his mother, despite the fact that the lawyer for the prisoner of conscience has filed appeals with the Managua Court of Appeals and none has been answered.

Suyen Barahona son
"When will I be able to talk to my mother?", the uncertainty of Suyen Barahona's son

“We have asked both legally and in letters directly to the Chipote authorities on several occasions, that they allow us to show Suyen a photo of our son and they have not even allowed that,” César Dubois stressed.

“On many occasions we have tried, even during the hearing, for example, that (Suyen) had a few months ago, his lawyer asked to be allowed to show him a photo and they did not even allow him to do that, I am talking about not even giving him the photo just show it to him and not even that.” Suyen’s husband pointed out.

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“This has been part of the treatment policies, it is extremely cruel and inhuman, obviously beyond respect for their citizen rights, their human rights and respect for the rules of Nelson Mandela as well,” he added.

More than 450 days without contact

César Dubois also highlighted that it is 471 days “since our son has not had access to Suyen. It’s 471 days without seeing her, without hearing her, without sharing a moment with her, without hugging her. It has been a very difficult separation.”

Faced with this situation, the relatives of the president of the Unión Democrática Renovadora (Unamos) launched the campaign “#ACallForSuyen”through which they demand that the authorities of the Directorate of Judicial Assistance authorize the political prisoner to have a meeting with her little one in jail.

“With this effort, what we are doing is making a call so that they please allow this communication, it is a right of Suyen, it is a right of our son,” said Barahona’s husband.

“It is also a right for the other 18 boys and girls, children of prisoners and political prisoners who have also not seen them for more than a year. It is a human right, it is contemplated in the Children’s Code, it is contemplated in the regulations of the prison system (…) that allow us to communicate, that allow us to send you a letter, that allow us to send you a photo », she added.

In addition, he indicated that he hopes that the campaign that he is promoting together with the relatives of Suyen Barahona “as every effort bears fruit, because we are not asking for anything extraordinary, we are asking for something minimal, simple, basic that is part of his rights, nothing more.” .

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