What you should know about the end of the use of masks in schools

What you should know about the end of the use of masks in schools

In relation to the recently announced measures on the covid-19 health emergency, the Minister of Health and Social Protection, Fernando Ruiz Gomez, explained new determinations on the use of face masks.

In the first measure, he maintained that the decision has been made to eliminate the use of masks in open and closed spaces of the schools, colleges and universities in the country as of May 15, 2022.

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The portfolio manager indicated that these measures are taken to support children in their learning processes. However, it should be clear that children are still at risk and so the evidence indicates.

In Colombia, since the start of the pandemic, 358 children have died, 549 children have been admitted to the ICU and there are a total of 3,191 children hospitalized throughout this time.

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Faced with these data, the vaccination coverage that has been achieved, on average in Colombia, is relatively low. With one dose we have 63.9% and with two doses 42.1%”, explained the minister.

Consequently, Ruiz Gómez maintained that parents, teachers and principals are expected to “encourage vaccination in children”, as well as the actors of the health system that until May 15, when the measure ends, in conjunction with the education sector and the ICBF, they become operational in the country to achieve coverage of necessary vaccinations.

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This is impacting the achievement in some cities and municipalities of Colombia to reach 70% of complete schemes”, pointed out the minister.

On the other hand, regarding the measure to eliminate the mask in closed spaces, which will take effect from May 1, the portfolio manager mentioned that “To support more municipalities that have the possibility of implementing the measures for the use of face masks in closed spaces, we have implemented an adjustment in these measures.”, and maintained that there are, until this Wednesday, April 27, 525 municipalities in Colombia that achieve 70% coverage with complete schematics and 205 municipalities that reach 40% reinforcements.

In accordance with the above, every municipality that reaches 70% of the population with
entire scheme can stop wearing the mask in open spaces. And when 40% of that 70% already have the reinforcement, you can stop wearing the mask in closed spaces. The exceptions are maintained in the hospital field, public transport and in a staggered manner in the educational field.

In May the use of face masks ends.



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