Senator Ossandón for Minister Siches: “We don’t get anything out of fighting (…) crime is eating us up and we have to help”

Senator Ossandón for Minister Siches: "We don't get anything out of fighting (...) crime is eating us up and we have to help"

The senator Manuel Jose Ossandon (RN) met this Wednesday with the Minister of the Interior, Izkia Sichesto request the sponsorship of an initiative of RN and independent legislators that seeks to create a National Citizen Protection System.

“We came to a meeting with the minister to ask her to sponsor a bill that we presented with Senator (Kenneth) Pugh, (Carmen Gloria) Aravena, (María José) Gatica and (Juan) Castrowhich seeks a National Citizen Protection System,” said Ossandón, slogan emmol.

“This seeks the integration and use of technology to combat crime and also to work in emergencies,” added the RN parliamentarian.

Regarding Siches, he pointed out that “we get nothing out of fighting with the minister. Tell the minister that, forgetting the mistakes that have been made, she empowers herself and begins to work hard on the issue that concerns us all. People are desperate, crime is eating us and we have to help.

In addition, he stressed that the Ministry of the Interior “is fundamental, because it is the one that includes the security of all of us and we do not get anything if we cannot leave in the morning or arrive at home at night, because they assault us, the slams of doors. There are a very general delinquent issue”.

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