What will be the five skills most valued by companies for this 2023?

What will be the five skills most valued by companies for this 2023?

The business world is constantly changing. Therefore, the that organizations value most have changed considerably in recent years. Today, companies require employees to develop, in addition to technical knowledge, soft skills that allow them to adapt to changing environments.

“In a more automated, digital and dynamic labor market, it has become very important for professionals to develop some skills such as active learning, self-management and flexibility, regardless of the work sector or the position they hold”, says Giancarlo Ameghino, Manager of Management and Human Development of the Crosland Group.

For this reason, the specialist points out which will be the most demanded skills for this 2023:

  • analytical thinking. Thinking about particular details to understand a concrete fact is a capacity that can provide innovative ideas. “Logic and reasoning can be used to reach accurate conclusions, as well as identify strengths and weaknesses. In this way, you can make the right decisions and optimize processes”says Ameghino.
  • Ability to solve complex problems. Active learning is a great tool when seeking to strategically solve a problem, since it allows putting into practice the knowledge that has been acquired over the years. “The ability to propose unusual ideas to a certain situation will help to obtain creative solutions”, says the Crosland Group expert.
  • Technological knowledge. Part of adapting to the digital world is learning to master the technology. It is not just about turning on a computer, but about using virtual tools that allow you to manage the company: from social networks and digital marketing to data analysis.
  • Service vocation. Finding ways to help consumers meet their needs is the foundation of all companies. For this, it will be essential to place customers as a central axis for the company and offer them positive experiences.
  • emotional intelligence. Knowing how to self-manage emotions and face stressful environments is vital in today’s market. “It is also essential that we learn to understand others. This will help us develop persuasion and negotiation skills, being able to lead and manage teams properly”ends.


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