PPQ asks people to search for polling places on the web

PPQ asks people to search for polling places on the web

All Paraguayans who are on the padrón, whether or not they are affiliated with any political party (whether PLRA, PPQ, EN, PDP, etc.) will be able to cast their vote in the internships of the Concertación, this Sunday, December 18.

The candidate for the Vice-Presidency of the Republic, for the Patria Querida Party (PPQ), Patricia Dos Santos recalled that anyone, whether affiliated or not, can vote for the Concertación candidates and assured that, especially within her party, there is a great variety of candidates for all the positions that are disputed.

“We offer incorruptible, honorable people, it is not a fight of colors, people can continue to be colored and vote in the Concertación,” he remarked.

During an interview on Radio Ñanduti, Dos Santos stated that people can search for their polling places on the website: concertacionpy.web.app/consulta. There they will be able to indicate the identity card number to obtain the polling station number and the electoral college where they will be able to deposit their respective votes.

“It is important that people search, through their ID number, the school and the table where they are going to vote, so as not to encounter surprises,” he mentioned.

Dos Santos said that this year there were changes in the polling stations and it may be that the voter will not get the same polling place he is used to, because due to the fire in the Electoral Justice, more voters had to be concentrated by machine and gathered in fewer polling stations.

The referent stated that when the name of the school is located, there will be tables set up for the inmates of the Concertacion. However, there will be tables of the Concertación, where the affiliates of political parties that are not concerted will be able to vote at those polling stations.

“All members of the Colorado Party, some 1,600,000, will also be able to vote at the tables where it says Concertación,” he said.

In other words, affiliates of all political parties that are not in the Coalition will be able to cast their votes for the presidential duos (six in total), according to the open register and among them is Sebastián Villarejo and Patricia Dos Santos.

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