What unleashed the fury of the cabinetmaker from La Romana?

What unleashed the fury of the cabinetmaker from La Romana?

The constant robberies and cigarette smokers in front of his business were supposedly the trigger for the fury of Román Guerrero, better known as the Cabinetmaker, who killed four people this Thursday night and was later shot down by the authorities.

According to the community members of the Guaymate alley, in the Villa Pereyra sector in The RomanRomán Guerrero had sued for the robbery of his business, without obtaining a response from the authorities.

Regarding the fact, residents in the area narrated that after killing two of the individuals he complained about, the cabinetmaker barricaded himself in his house.

The locals proceeded to call the National Emergency System 9-1-1, where agents of the National Police also appeared, who tried to enter the attacker’s business to arrest him, without imagining that they would be received with gunshots.

Guerrero used a 12-gauge Marverick shotgun, which they are investigating whether he was carrying legally or not. In addition, he stripped one of the agents of a rifle.

As they explain, the man was always a worker and did not talk much, so his action left many of those who knew them open-mouthed.

During the incident, six law enforcement officers were injured, three of these were taken to a hospital in Santo Domingo, while the others continue to receive medical care at the Central Romana Medical Center.

So far the health forecast of the agents is reserved.

Dominican journalist, graduated from the Technological University of Santiago (UTESA).

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