Government will extend facilities for home purchase until 2023

Government will extend facilities for home purchase until 2023

The Deputy Minister of Housing and Urban Development, Cecilia Lecaros, said today that her sector is supporting the continuity of the facilities granted to families for the purchase of until 2023, with which the benefits of the bonus increase and the initial fee reduction would continue.

“The main support for these facilities, with special subsidies, was the reactivation of the economy, considering the impact of the pandemic and that is still maintained,” said.

“We are presenting our support so that the benefits that were granted as a result of the pandemic can be extended until 2023”he added.

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The facilities provided by the Government involve the Techo Propio program and the Nuevo Crédito Mivivienda, and began in 2020 and were later extended in 2021 and until December 31, 2022.

Facilities Mivivienda

Regarding the New Mivivienda Credit, the Government decided to lower the minimum initial installment from 10% to 7.5% of the value of the housing unit and extend the maximum period of the mortgage loan from 20 to 25 years.

The Government also ordered an exceptional update of the values ​​of the Good Payer Bonus (non-reimbursable economic aid granted to families), which can be included in the payment of the initial installment.

For homes ranging from S/ 65,200 to S/ 93,100, the bonus is S/ 25,700. While to acquire homes that are sold between S/ 93,101 and S/ 139,400, the BBP has a value of S/ 21,400.

In the case of homes that cost between S/ 139,401 and S/ 232,200, the New Mivivienda Credit subsidy is S/ 19,600. For homes whose price ranges from S/ 232,200 to S/ 343,900, the bonus is S/ 7,300.

Facilities own roof

The Government also ordered the exemption of the savings requirement to access the Own Roof program, in addition to raising the amount of the Family Housing Bonus.

Own Roof, aimed exclusively at families with lower economic resources, has two modalities: Acquisition of New Housing and Construction on Own Site.

The main benefit of Techo Propio is the Bono Familiar Habitacional, which is a direct subsidy granted by the State to a family as a reward for their saving effort, for one time and that is not returned.

But due to the pandemic situation, the Government decided to eliminate, in April 2020, the savings requirement to access the Own Roof program, in the modalities of Construction on Own Site and Acquisition of New Housing.

Likewise, the value of the Family Housing Bonds was increased according to the modality to which the family applies: to buy it is S/ 40,250, but the price of the house must not exceed S/ 120,300. While to build the bonus it is S / 27,600.


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