What makes Colombia vulnerable to cyberattacks on organizations

What makes Colombia vulnerable to cyberattacks on organizations

In recent months, the EPS Sanitas and the drug marketer Audifarma have caught in the middle of cyber attackswhich has affected its operations and has shown a certain cyber fragility in the country.

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One of the common denominators of the computer attacks that these companies have suffered is that they seek to generate direct effects on the operation. especially through the execution of different types of malware simultaneouslyas reported by ‘Bloomberg’.

According to the cybersecurity company Lumu Technologies, the most popular types of malware today are crypters, that encrypt asset information, infostealers, they steal the information to sell it on the dark web, cryptominers, who use the computing power of the compromised companies to mine cryptocurrencies, and wipers, which delete, destroy or make available key information.

Cybercriminals increasingly seek to disrupt access to essential services for society. The recent attacks show that any type of organization, regardless of its size, whether it is public or private, is exposed to being a victim of a cyber attack.“, assured Germán Patiño, a specialist in the area at Lumu Technologies, in an interview with ‘Bloomberg Línea’.

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Among the possible reasons for this to happen in the country is that currently hackers are selected countries that show a lower degree of preparation in cybersecurity.

In the case of EPS Sanitas, they recognized that the attacks affected its computer servers and the confidentiality of data of some of its affiliates. For their part, from Audifarma, they had to disable their physical and virtual servers in order to shield user information.

It has not only happened with private entities. On the public side, in October 2022, the National Institute for Food and Drug Surveillance, Invima, received an attack on its computer systems.

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