Chile We are in the doldrums: they recognize that without the Republicans the accusation against ex-minister Ríos falls

At 3:00 p.m., the Chamber of Deputies and Deputies is expected to analyze the constitutional accusation against the former Minister of Justice, Marcela Ríos. And the outlook, at least for Chile Vamos, promoters of the accusatory libel, is not favorable.

This, because the Republican Party, by way of political revenge, announced that it will vote against the accusation, leaving it on the verge of being rejected. And for this reason, at a press point, Chile Vamos called on them to “rectify” their decision because, otherwise, the accusation will fall.

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The Deputy Juan Antonio Coloma (UDI), indicated that the Republicans must “explain to Chile why they defend the minister from pardons and that she gives prison benefits, among others, to Celestino Córdova. That is what is at stake today.”

In Chile Vamos they are running against time because according to their calculations, without the Republican votes, the accusation will fall. For this reason, Coloma indicated that “there is still time to side with the victims and understand that today what a rejection to the station does is support the minister of pardons.”

“If the Republican Party continues to support the former minister, we would not have the votes, a very different situation is if they decide to rectify and support the accusation that we have presented as Chile Vamos,” he closed.

Subsequently, the Deputy Jorge Guzmán (Evópoli)who pointed out that from his party they adhere to this accusation, because, in his opinion, “there is a legal violation and a constitutional violation for which the minister is responsible.”

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