Lo que dijo Leonel Fernández si habrá nueva Primera Dama

What Leonel Fernández said if there will be a new First Lady

When asked whether or not he will have a First Lady to accompany him during his political campaign, the former President of the RepublicLeonel Fernandezreplied that no one can do things alone.

¨A person alone cannot compete, there is no such leadership that does not correspond to a structure. Even Jesus Christ had to look for the 12 apostles ¨.

Fernández also expressed that he is currently focused on giving solid foundations to his party, which is shaping up for the presidential candidacy for the next 2024.

¨I am focused on the People’s Force, therefore I must dedicate all my time and energy there to conclude a political platform that can really compete and be an electorate¨.

These statements were offered at the Group Lunch Communications corripio.

About his divorce with Margarita Cedeño

The Sixth Chamber of the Civil and Commercial Chamber of the Court of First Instance of the National Districtmade the divorce official Margarita Cedeno and Leonel Fernandez.

The divorce of the former presidential partner was issued through sentence 531-2022 dated February 28 of the current year.

According to the divorce certificate, the request is dated September 21, 2021. It was known by the magistrate Scarlet Vargas rossi.

Daisy flower Y Leonel were seen for around 15 years as the most famous and charismatic political residential couple from the country.

It is recalled that the divorce of both was conceived by mutual agreement and it occurred time after Fernández left the purple ranks.

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