Alderman Wilfredo Flores: "Mayor Medina cannot ignore agreements in the Provincial Municipality of Tacna"

Alderman Wilfredo Flores: “Mayor Medina cannot ignore agreements in the Provincial Municipality of Tacna”

The first alderman of the Provincial Municipality of Tacna, Wilfredo Flores, questioned the measures adopted by the provincial mayor of Tacna Julio Medina Castro, by not knowing the nullity of the public auction despite being approved in a council session.

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He regretted that he is also unaware of the Comptroller’s report, by the former deputy manager of Patrimonial Assets Luis Avalos on the public auction of three pieces of land and ignores that there is an ongoing fiscal investigation.

Councilor with stance against

He criticized that the mayor and the municipal manager Jorge Chaparro say that they do not know how the processes are going to finish the public auction as they are the highest authorities in the municipality.

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“The councilors can say that we do not know, since we must request information from the areas and it takes time, instead the municipal manager or the mayor, if they ask, they immediately give them a report, so they cannot say that they do not know”, Held.

did not follow procedures

He added that Mayor Medina did not even respect the procedures when issuing a mayoral resolution to extend the payment term for the auctioned land that benefited the Villa Los Jardines Association, by contravening the bases of the public auction and not having the validation of the Patrimonial Assets sub-management.

He said that nine councilors requested in writing that a council session be convened within five days, otherwise they would convene themselves to see the reconsideration of the nullity of the auction.


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