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What is the “super mosquito” and why is it very careful

An Asian mosquito capable of surviving in urban environments threatens to undermine progress against malaria in Africa. In its annual report on the disease, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned that the arrival of ‘Anopheles stephensi’ to at least five African countries is a “real risk” for the control and elimination of the disease in the continent, which accumulates 96% of the more than 600,000 deaths from malaria globally.

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In this regard, Dr. Gustavo Chamorro, director of Senepa, indicated in an interview with Universo 970 AM of Nación Media, “This is a mosquito from Africa, also from Arabia, it develops quite well in inhospitable, very arid environments.”

“It can transmit malaria, which is what affects hundreds of millions in Africa,” stressed.

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On the other hand, he maintained that what we have in our country are “big mosquitoes” that help in a certain way, since they feed on

Aedes aegypti larvae.


The entrance What is the “super mosquito” and why is it very careful was first published on newspaper TODAY.

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