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More than 57% of consumers in Latin America buy their gifts online this Christmas

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More than 57% of consumers in Latin America buy their gifts online this Christmas

The arrival of the New Year and New Year are less than a week away and with this the great demands and last-minute purchases by consumers have forced large companies to prepare their financial, marketing or logistics strategies months in advance.

According to data from the AGEXPORT Market Intelligence Unit, in 2021 57% of consumers in Latin America bought their gifts online, 43% made their purchases before October, 25% before Black Friday in November and only one 12% in December. For this reason, the use of software and technological tools help in an efficient, agile and fast way in the face of the massive figures of electronic commerce.

Also in Peru, according to the study carried out by Google and Ipsos, the same figure of 57% who prefer to purchase products during the year-end season is repeated and 70% plan to mix online and physical sales channels to find the best ones. promotions.

The trend associated with technological innovations are used to create more loyalty related to Christmas. In this sense, Noventiq, a company specialized in solutions and services in digital transformation and cybersecurity, mentions 5 key points that any organization that wants to make the most of these dates must have.

The Christmas season is an opportunity for any SME to get more customers, more sales and at the same time guarantee a high quality personalized experience. Without forgetting that, thanks to Christmas, many companies have the opportunity to make themselves known and create a brand reputation for future online shopping peaks. However, these dates also represent challenges and challenges for which one must be trained, in this way aspects such as digitalization and technology are key, to provide greater agility, flexibility, profitability, productivity and effectiveness.” explained Sebastián Sack, Vice President of Noventiq Latin America.

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Here are 5 key technologies that every organization must have for these Christmas parties:

  • antimalware: It has been shown that cybersecurity plays an increasingly important role in the design of the strategy of any company. Creating policies regarding computer crime, analyzing the vulnerabilities of your own software and systems, defining critical information and data infrastructures and making use of protection tools and detection of possible cybercrimes is vital if you want to maintain a good reputation in the market and therefore gain greater reliability and loyalty on the part of the consumer.
  • big data: This term refers to the large volume of data, whether structured or unstructured, that is provided to businesses every day. Although the ability to store a large amount of data is important, what really becomes more relevant is the use that is given to it, since its analysis contributes to obtaining ideas that lead to better decisions and methodologies.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): The application of this technology in companies can help automate different processes such as data analysis, segmentation of customer profiles, use of conversational chatbots to support the human team, ability to learn and avoid mistakes among many other advantages with which they live day by day and are not fully exploited.
  • Power BI: Solutions based on the use of Business Intelligence make information about their performance, popularity, competition and possible trends available to organizations. All this through data processing, by managing to collect, visualize and analyze all the information from the different areas of the organization from different sources, for which the chances of making better decisions are increased by 100%.
  • Central Business: An enterprise resource planning (ERP) software capable of connecting all business areas and teams in order to operate collaboratively is simply essential. This tool allows you to manage large workflows and complex operational requirements through a single unified solution, driving greater productivity, creativity and enhancing individual qualities towards the same goal.

“Currently, the companies that make use of these technologies in sync with many others stand out from the rest and are capable of generating better percentages of income, loyalty, reputation, personalization and other benefits that go hand in hand with the digital age in which we live. we develop. Additionally, the use of these software and its benefits are expected to remain and evolve over time for the benefit of consumers and in turn the success of companies.Sack added.


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