What is taken into account to apply to Supérate?

What is taken into account to apply to Supérate?

To purge the additional 300,000 people who will receive the RD$1,650 monthly subsidy through the Supérate card, not only what people say they have and what the collaborators of the Single Beneficiary System observe are taken into account (Siuben) when they visit homes.

The Siuben carried out its last census in 2018, but updates its databases every month with those of institutions such as the Social Security Treasury, the General Directorate of Internal Taxes and the Superintendency of Banks, explained Jeffrey Lizardodirector of Siuben.

The goal is to “prevent people who don’t need it” from receiving help. Lizardo warns that it may happen that people categorized as poor in the visit have two properties or are employees, which would rule them out. To qualify, they cannot be on public or private payrolls.

Jefrey Lizardo, director of the Single System of Beneficiaries (SIUBEN) (EDDY VITTINI)

There are many jobs that people can qualify for, adds the official, because they are very precarious and generate very little income. The idea is not to include those with high salaries.

It will also be taken into account if the person has credit or debit cards, if someone else in the household receives the subsidy and the electricity consumption recorded by the electricity distributors. Priority will be given to homes where there are people with some type of disability.

Lizardo affirms that to select the 300 thousand they are prioritizing those who are in the first stratum of extreme poverty, the second stratum of non-extreme poverty and a part of those who are in the third stratum who, due to structural conditions, qualify because they are vulnerable. .

The fundamental purpose of the program is that people can raise their economic level and come to no longer need the aid that the Government gives them, as its new name indicates, but some of the beneficiaries consulted who attend the days of card restitution confirm that they have a job.

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The director of Siuben He says that every month he sends Supérate updates on verifiable changes in people’s standard of living, so it would be up to that institution to exclude those who no longer need it.

Lizardo announces that in the next few days it will make a “self-declaration” available to citizens on the institution’s website, with which citizens will be able to enter their data to apply for subsidies.

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