What is bullying and how to prevent it?

What is bullying and how to prevent it?

After starring in a fight with a partner who constantly bothered her, on February 21, the young woman showed deterioration in her state of health, which triggered her death on March 13 due to a head injury.

These types of fights are recorded by schoolmates and shared on social networks, so it is common to see this type of material on these types of platforms. The video of the attacks suffered by the minor has sparked outrage and protests.

This type of case in which, in addition to demanding justice so that it does not happen again, causes the issue of bullying or bullying to be taken up again.

What is bullying?

“It is a form of violence between peers in which one or more students constantly and repeatedly harass and assault one or more peers, who cannot defend themselves effectively and are generally in a position of disadvantage or inferiority,” details the Judiciary of Mexico City.

Likewise, this capital body points out that this type of harassment is characterized by the fact that students who are victims of bullying do not usually defend themselves, at first they believe that by ignoring their aggressors, the harassment will stop.

Nor do they often tell their parents and teachers that they are being bullied out of fear. For this reason, it is necessary to generate openness in the family so that the children tell us what is happening at school and intervene to stop it.

Who participates in bullying?

In this type of aggression, in addition to the fact that the victims are also the witnesses of the constant attacks, they are a fundamental part, since they have the opportunity to denounce before the competent authorities, however, they choose to stimulate the aggressions, when they laugh, applaud or congratulate to the aggressors.

The latter was reflected in the case of Norma Lizbeth, as well as other fights between students that flood social networks.

How to recognize bullying?

  • A violent or aggressive behavior that is repeated and that occurs constantly.
  • The attacks occur over a long period of time.
  • It’s intentional. Aggressions seek to cause harm.
  • Three main actors are involved in bullying: the victims, the aggressors and the witnesses (students or teachers of the school who observe the aggressions).

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