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What happened to Lilia Paredes after the PJ annulled her restricted appearance?: Diplomatic asylum in Mexico

What happened to Lilia Paredes after the PJ annulled her restricted appearance?: Diplomatic asylum in Mexico


The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ana Cecilia Gervasi, announced this afternoon that the Peruvian government granted safe-conduct to the former first lady, , and their two children, to seek asylum in Mexico. As anticipated by Peru21 .

“In accordance with the Caracas Convention of 1954, the State is obliged to immediately provide, except in cases of force majeure, the necessary guarantees and the corresponding safe conduct”, said the Peruvian foreign minister at a press conference.

The minister added that in accordance with its international obligations and in coordination with the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, the Foreign Ministry “has proceeded to grant the safe-conduct to the aforementioned persons (Lilia Paredes and children).”

This process occurred after the Judiciary annulled the resolution to appear restricted to the former first lady, enabling her to access this type of diplomatic action.


The Second Criminal Chamber of Appeals of the Superior Court of Lima annulled the resolution of restricted appearance against the former first lady, for the alleged commission of the crime of criminal organization and others to the detriment of the State.

In the judicial resolution it is argued that the collegiate was able to corroborate “that the contested resolution does not comply with the motivation requirements described in the judgments of the Constitutional Court.”

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This leads to “the request to appear with restrictions being rejected, a decision that is not adopted by the trial judge, despite estimating that there is no procedural danger with respect to those investigated. Being that other aspects have been taken into account to impose the measure of appearance, which is not consistent with our already established regulations.

According to the Criminal Chamber, “a structural defect or irremediable flaw in motivation has been noticed”, which is why the Superior Collegiate “considers that the appealed resolution suffers from nullity that must be declared; and, consequently, to order that a new pronouncement be issued by the trial judge in charge.”


The Second Criminal Chamber resolved OFFICIAL DECLARATION NULLITYResolution Number ten, dated October fourteen, two thousand and twenty-two, issued by the judge of the Eighth National Preparatory Investigation Court, which resolves to declare the request for appearance with restrictions against Lilia Ulcida Paredes NavarroWalter Paredes Navarro, David Paredes Navarro, Hugo Jhony Espino Lucana and the Public Ministry, for the alleged commission of the crime of criminal organization and others to the detriment of the State.

Resolution that eliminates restrictions for Lilia Paredes.

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What is Lilia Paredes accused of?

About Lilia Ulcida Paredes Navarro The person being investigated is accused of being a member of the alleged criminal organization —who, taking advantage of her position of power within the state apparatus, would fulfill the role of coordinator of said organization, having the function of making viable, financing and speeding up public investment projects regarding the execution of works in the different entities of the subnational governments.

Diplomatic asylum in Mexico

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), confirmed that he granted diplomatic asylum to Lilia Paredes and her two children. They would even send a private plane to pick them up and a safe-conduct is being negotiated to protect the coup plotter’s family.

“What is being negotiated would be the safe-conduct so that, if they want to leave, they can do so and come to Mexico,” it was announced at the usual conference by President López Obrador. This is how Lilia Paredes would not have any legal impediment to take refuge in Mexico with her children.

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Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard confirmed the day before that the members of the family -without Yenifer Paredes- have already received diplomatic asylum from Mexico. This after the vacancy of Pedro Castillo on December 7, as a result of attempting a self-coup.

It is known that Castillo has also formally requested asylum from the Mexican government through his lawyer and AMLO is ready to receive him with open arms.


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