What did Luis Arce say to Santa Cruz?  These are 7 sentences from his speech at the honor session

What did Luis Arce say to Santa Cruz? These are 7 sentences from his speech at the honor session

September 23, 2022, 9:48 AM

September 23, 2022, 9:48 AM

The speech by the President of the State, Luis Arce Catacora, at the honorary session of the Municipal Council of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, was full of figures and data on growth, projects and investments, as well as repeated compliments to Mayor Jhonny Fernández.

His speech lasted 35 minutes, in which he listed statistics and announced projects, but avoided talking about the request to carry out the Population and Housing Census in 2023, topic that had been addressed by the president of the council deliberative entity, Israel Alcócer and the decorated, Julio Kempff Suárez.

Next, these are the most outstanding phrases of his participation:

1. “Santa Cruz today registers a growth in economic activity of 5.7% in 2021, driven mainly by the transport, storage, manufacturing, construction and agricultural sectors.”

two. “With this growth, Santa Cruz becomes the first department to recover and exceed the levels of economic activity it had before the pandemic. Congratulations, Santa Cruz!”

3. “With the Special Projects Unit (UPRE) we have concluded and delivered 29 projects in Santa Cruz, for an amount of more than 239 million Bolivians so far in our management, and with great joy I want to announce that UPRE has already committed resources in 51 in projects in municipalities of Santa Cruz, for an amount of more than 500 million Bolivians”.

Four. “Coordination and spaces for dialogue, beyond political-partisan differences on issues that are of interest to the people and for the benefit of Santa Cruz families, strengthen democracy and improve management, as we are demonstrating.”

5. “Keep working brother mayor for Santa Cruz, that the commitment to this department is demonstrated with facts, with works and with results, aimed at improving the quality of life of all the people of Santa Cruz and be sure that the hard-working people of Santa Cruz know how to recognize it.”

6. “There are some people who believe they own Santa Cruz, but the town has no owners or bosses and every day shows its great heart, its strength, its desire to continue growing and make its dreams come true.”

7. “Today, small groups linked to petty interests want to confront us, put a stop to our economic reconstruction that we are achieving with so much effort and they want to isolate Santa Cruz from Bolivia, but Santa Cruz is a department where the heart of Bolivia beats, a reflection of plurality and our great cultural wealth”.

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